What do you get when you have some Sexy Mistresses, a wickedly smart and sexy Head Mistress Ally, a couple of dispatchers all under the same roof? What you have my friend, is a TNT ,explosive good time! Or also known as pussies at play! This past weekend was LDW / Echantrix’s trip. Along with some hot dispatchers Tanya, Kim and Paula there’s been little sleep and tons of sexy fun!

Sexy Mistresses

Sensual Mistress Scarlet I found is not only sexy as hell, but has a fantastic sense of humor!   She had me laughing at the word go! Did you tell her you love sexy ladies talking about you? Well if you did, then certainly she did chat you up! I heard so many stories about what fun she has with you. Of course a Mistress never giggles and tells all, so your secrets are safe with me!

Goddess Lilly is awesome and her voice is AH-MAZING! If you haven’t heard her voice, you really should hear Sexy Mistress Lilly’s voice! Her voice really beguiles her sadistic nature. But as she explained to me, she’s a cheerful or playful sadist! Truly

Sexy Mistresses

Sexy Enchantrix Mistresses

loving the BDSM scene. Here eyes twinkle when discussing her various impact play implements.

Mistress Mandy drove in to the sexy weekend retreat with John, since by comparison she’s a local! Well, what can I say about a sexy sultry woman who has it all? Sexy Mistress Mandy is totally banging and amazingly brilliant!  Her smoking hot eyes, capture you and draw you in.  I found myself deeply enveloped in conversations ,peppered with clever pithy quips, I could talk with her all day! I certainly understand why you would too!

Sexy Mistresses and Fall Fun

Of course there were long conversations out on the deck in brisk fall air. Well brisk fall air is certainly subjective with the northern acclimated Mistress thinking it’s too hot! Being of a more temperate climate I found the weather to be pleasantly cool. Others not so much, and found it to be too warm!

There were games being played and last night with raucous round of Cards Against Humanity! What outrageous sexy time we had! Wine and spirits were flowing freely and I’m afraid I had one glass of wine too many!


Fun Continued

I also got to meet dispatchers Tanya, Kim and Paula. Lovely fun and smart they were entertaining with stories of their families. It was great face to face bonding time with the ladies I see all the time, when I log in for your calls!

The amazing Head Mistress Ally. I couldn’t sleep last night, kept tossing and turning (too much fun and wine!) I heard something and went to go and investigate. Head Mistress Ally was up  and we ended up outside in the wee hours, enjoying the cool Berkshire air and chatting. She is an fabulous woman, and I learned about the beginnings of LDW. I was so enthralled and captivated by her energy and journey the hours slipped away like minutes, and  the next thing I know the sun was coming up!

All in all, it’s been a fantastic trip. I’m so glad I came and even more happy I joined LDW last December! Speaking of December, it’s my one year anniversary! Stay tuned for more fun come November 1 when I roll out my new Strokers rewards!