Sissy Chastity is part of many sissy’s journey. Keeping that sissy clit soft and compliant is reaffirming of the sissy’s place and purpose. It also helps those creative juices. I have a delightful sissy pet, who is becoming more and more addicted to her pretty pink cage! She loves to lock up my peanut, and obey!

Chastity Is Not Necessarily Long Term

Contrary to many people’s ideas about chastity, not all chastity journey’s are lock it up and toss the key! It is a vehicle for control and ownership. So if your owner desires to unlock you and play, then that’s what sissy does. My Pink Peg does exactly as I decree, and I adore her for it. Recently Peg was on a Orgasm diet, having to log hours and tasks to earn even a Ruined Orgasm! After weeks , nay months of jiggle and dribble! Yes, you heard me correctly My peg can jiggle her cage and have a ruined O. It’s not too hard (pun totally intended) to achieve when you don’t get any other orgasm for extended periods!

Peg’s Assignment

Since peg has been a delightful gurl I decided that after such a long time she can earn a full orgasm! But a few requirement’s need to be met first. Long cage time, and logging many hours in panties for my gurl. When she accomplished those numbers she was to write me a few lines telling me about her thoughts and feelings of being My owned sissy. If her words pleased me, I would grant her that Full Orgasm!

Peg’s Words On Being Locked And Owned

Here I sit
Locked with a load.
I fear my testes may explode!

They are quite tiny
This is true.
It seems to me they’re turning blue.

Why did I
Submit to the lock?
As Mistress says
“It’s not a cock”

Being honest
Feeling witty,
Mistress beams, “It’s now MY clitty!”

Her pet, resigned,
Meekly flinches,
It cannot even be four inches.

“Do with me
What you will”
This gives pet a guilty thrill.

“She owns me now”
He understands.
It couldn’t be in better hands.

“I’ll let you know when you can dribble”
Who is pet to quibble?

Caged one hundred hours,
Ten in undies.
Will this take
A month of Sundays?

No, of course
Is how I feel.
I tackle this
With ardent zeal.

Locking up
Is not a chore,
For my Mistress,
Whom I adore❤️

I’ve done my hundred,
And my ten.
It’s time to plead
For “if” and “when”

I am on my knees,
Is it time for my release?

If yes,
It only takes me seconds,
And I know my next task beckons.

To be owned
By Mistress E?
Of course
It means the world to me.

So dear readers, what do you think? Was pretty pink peg given permission for a full orgasm? 

Until we chat 💋

Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika