Sissy Confessions is high on the list of topics I discuss routinely. Particularly, someone new, there’s just so much to learn and find out! When do you remember having first girly thoughts? How far does your sissyness go? Do you live as a female? Play once in a while? Everyday, when you get home? Yes, learning all about you, sissy, is a delight! Let’s look at some sissy confessions. If you see yourself here, don’t blame me. I’m talking generalities and not anything relating to a specific sissy. If you DO see yourself, comment below or send me an email! I’d love to hear from you.

Sissy Confessions – Love of Lingerie

How many men out there love the soft fabric of a satin camisole or panties being stroked along their penis? Every fucking one of you, that’s who!

So what’s the difference between a “kinky stroking of My cock with My soft panties” and wearing them? Well for one, that’s what hooks many to lingerie, starting the fire.  Once those panties slide up those legs, and are placed snugly around that throbbing dick, you are hooked. Your desire to play even more with  sissy panties  increased.  Panties filling your erotic thoughts, buying or imagining a bikini vs boy cut on your hips. Your round ass would look humiliatingly sexy in a pair of lace, cheeky panties. Oh, these thoughts,  teasing and tormenting you. I know. Now, you feel that everyone else does too.

Let’s be clear. Not all males who don panties are ‘sissies’ per se, there are pantie sissies and pantie boys. You, sissy, panties make you feel feminine and submissive versus feeling submissive and male. More on the submissive male and pantie boy play another day.

You, sissy, continue your journey to bras, slips, stockings and more. You long to shave your legs, you imagine going for a mani/pedi , have your hair and make-up done. Existing for a time, however brief, in your feminine skin and delighting in fem desires and dreams.

Sissy Confessions – Naughty Play

Sissy confession, I hear “Mistress I want to be a slut.”  Yep, some of you come to me freely exposing your inner slutty self. Unburdening yourself with your erotic confession is the first step. I find you are looking for me to propel your taboo thoughts into actions. Learning what you must to have fun and be safe before deciding if you take this to a real level.

You want to be free of inhibitions, free to enjoy all the pleasures of your body. Feeling vulnerable and exposed, you trust. You are encouraged and pushed  to express and experience , through various  play.  Is this what it’s like to be made love to by a man, what it’s like to feel penetrated.  You begin to crave more time with your  feminine, submission.  Mind and body evolving, desires changing.  Ultimately the question is, though:  How far would you go to experience all that is feminine.

Some begin their journey knowing reality isn’t in the cards, and that’s ok.  Choosing to surrender, sharing the fantasy with Mistress, playing and creating similar sensations through toy play. Going far beyond anything you could do alone. Connecting on a plane unique and fantastic. You are transported to a place where your body is but vessel to serve and pleasure  any and all to use. A sissy slut, yes you confess.

Your Sissy Confession

Sissy Confessions

Sissy Confessions

I could go on for days about the topic , but we’ll save some for another day.  Do you want to hear my thoughts on your sissy topic?

Dress, makeup, activities, training? Email me at , and I will consider your suggestion as a topic.

Craving to confess? 1-800-601-6975, and tell me your sissy confession.  I’d love to hear it. Sissies never cease to please and amaze me with your explorations and journey though this, our time. Until we chat.

Mistress Erika