Starting off this week with sissy humiliation and humiliation tasks.   Having a lot of sessions about humiliation and today’s blog is following suit. The slow or sudden loss of your masculinity, helpless and powerless to resist my commands. Finding yourself looking, feeling and being feminine. Powerful.

Sissy Humiliation Tasks Fashion

Sissy, you need to get your closet in order. we’ll start with a fashion show. You in your panties, on cam, holding up your pretty fem things. I can’t help but snicker and laugh. I mean, sissy! Do you really think that dress fits you, let alone suits you?

A total review of your closet is in order, since evidently you need the help! Making a sissy shopping list, even shopping online together. Every moment being reminded that you are not a real man, not now anyway. Probably not anywhere but that’s really here nor there, is it?

Sissy Humiliation Tasks

Sissy Humiliation

Fashion show, try on your new dress

Now what else do you need training on? Hum? Your walk is ridiculous if you ask me, lumbering around like you do. Shoulders back.. now glide….

When it’s naughty sissy time, I’ve decided to pussy train you. After all, good girls should learn to cum like one, right? Your homework is to watch the following links, edge and practice sounding like these sissies! I require you look, act, feel and SOUND like a sissy!

Oh, no. No orgasms! Did I approve?  Denied sissy’s sound best. It really is amazing and has me giggling over and over.

Your high sissy voice when aroused, but other times,you know. After your sissygasm suddenly a male and masculine voice I hear. I just love to giggle and point it out too. I Know it’s making you blush!

Are you a toy trained sissy? Using toys for masturbation is a great way to get you trained.  Seeing you bouncing like the sissy slut you want to be, on that BBC, is about the most emasculating thing any man can think of doing! But you, you leak and tremble with excitement! Your sissy humiliation tasks can have little or no boundaries!

“Mistress,” you call out, “take a picture, take a picture of your sissy slut!” *bounce bounce bounce*  Laughing, I gladly oblige.

So sissy, how do you like your humiliation? Red hot and naughty? Oh, One giggle or ten? Not sure? Read more of my posts on sissy humiliation.

Humiliation Mistress Erika