Sissy rules, and I don’t mean you are in charge!  I mean, sissy, you need guidelines and rules because you are just way too cray cray for me. Your sissy training  is important, to me as it is for you.  So since I had to set these guidelines for you, I thought others would benefit as well. Being a Virgo I love order, and efficiency! Since you are here for my pleasure I think things need to be cleaned up and fast! Fall in line girls, we’re going on a ride! Mistress is riled up and ready to fly!

Sissy Rules for Girldrobe

Sissy Rules For Your Wardrobe

I love love love the girl talk about clothes , shoes, sissy make up and hair! Picking out outfits for session , setting assignments etc. It’s brilliant and have so much fun doing so! But doll, don’t make me remember every item in your girlrobe (wardrobe?ha!) ! Ga! Double GA!  I’m not your nurse maid, it’s your job to pick up the pace. Suggest two outfits for me to choose from! I’ll choose what strikes my fancy! Simple and DONE! Got it? Good.

Sissy Rules For Tasks

I give you a sissy task, again pick up the pace! Be in charge of your own destiny! I tell you to walk more feminine , or slutty it’s your job to get that job done! We don’t need to discuss your free time, and when you’ll practice walking like a girl. I appreciate you wanting to share it with me, do so of course! But don’t expect me to help you with your calendar! Typically my assignments last from one session to the next. Schedule your naughty girl time accordingly.

Mistress Pets

Know I love playing girl with you, and exploring your submissive sissy self. I appreciate interactive sissies sure! Lets just find a reasonable balance!   Is that you sissy, can you find balance? You want  and can be that sissy gurl who brings sunshine into the room when you call? Take note of these simple rules to help keep Mistress sane!

Until we chat,

Mistress Erika