Welcome friends and new readers! Had an interesting conversation with a sissy slave recently. The subject of servitude, how they want to be my sissy maid, and their ultimate fantasy is to wait on me hand and foot, service all of my desires and be the best sissy slave she could be! I told her, “That’s a great fantasy!”  So naughty and nice! I mean, I’d be a fool to say it didn’t interest me in the least. Think about it, someone to cook, clean, run errands, mow the lawn, in addition to being my pet cunnilingus genius. Why, it’s an fantasy I couldn’t refuse! So, hell yea, sign me up!

Sissy Slave

Sissy Dress Up

But for (sissy slave) Reals

“Oh no, Mistress. I want to do that for real,” was her reply. Knowing this was a casual conversation, no need to lead me, and no need for me to explore the fantasy. ????  I challenged the sissy slave. How would that exactly work out, what would you do? She mentioned much of the above. Uh huh, so kewl you are home tending to domestic matters. Who’s out in the world, bringing in the money to support the household? (insert perplexed look) Unless of course, you are independently wealthy? Humm? I guess a revved up hormone flooded brain doesn’t think of that. Just teasing. Of course it doesn’t. It shouldn’t. Much more fun that way.

Sissy Slave Gets a Job

You really don’t expect me to work full time, sissy slave, work my fingers to the bone to support yo ass? Humm? Nope, you need to work, too! I have just the place. Miss Lola’s dress up boutique  . Where a sissy dress up is the norm!  You’ll be a sissy sales girl, learning all there is to know about feminine frills and thrills! Helping gather intimates and gowns for ladies. Bringing them refreshments, as marathon shopping sprees extend into late afternoons.  Now doesn’t that sound like a good deal? You’ll cook, do some light cleaning, cut the lawn, laundry, work a  full time job, and pleasure me exactly when and exactly where I say. Mmmm, now that’s a “for reals” I can get behind. With my girl cock, right thar, right thar! Bendova hunty, Mistress is feeling frisky! Let’s play girl together soon!

Mistress Erika