Happy August! So much going on this summer! Too much fun with sissy sluts, that’s for sure.  All of which reminded me of a recent conversation where I came across a new word- saturnailia. Well, new for me. The word was around for quite some time before me, I’m sure. Ha! Originally referring to merriment and various celebratory goings on in December, before Christmas. I’m referring to the definition befitting of the fun I’m having with sissy sluts!
I know I can hear you now: WTF saturnailia Erika? Okay…

sissy sluts

Summer fun with sissy sluts 1-800-601-6975

Sissy Sluts Licentious Revelry

Which is the other definition for saturanilia. Sissy sluts who crave to party, but not just any party. They are down for  penis parties! You know, craving to be used and made to worship at the alter of a big thick  cock.  I can hear them now. Begging  and pleading to serve one huge cock then another, and yet another. Please Mistress, may I have another. As the warm sticky air of summer clings to their skin, beads of sweat run down their necks and more cock sucking is what they cry for. One after another, after another until they stink of spunk and sweat. What a  hungry cum slut !

There are places, you know, sissy slut, where you can have your fill of cock sucking. Hidden away in counties all over the U.S. , gems for those seeking side cock. I know of one place, a meeting place. A place where your chances of being plugged by that big~N~juicy are off the charts! If I know of one, not a few hundred miles from me, I bet you can find one near you.

Sissy Slut On The Down-Lo

I won’t  forget about my hot~n~ready fantasy sluts. Feminine loving sissies, who’s slutty behavior lands them under the saturnailia umbrella! Some of you are having some extra alone time this summer and are using it wisely. You are loving the ability to dress in panties morning noon and night. Even having a sissy night out.  It might be undercover and our secret. It’s so thrilling and exciting just the same!

Oh, and another sissy, well, she was so worked up at one point, she confessed her history of cock slut training!  I was taken aback. I’ve talked with her extensively and now she tells me! It was sissy cross-dressing up until now. Wow, mind blown!  I just love what I do!

We continued on playing sissy games.  Had a fabulous time going out for the first time wearing a bra AND panties under boy clothes. Well, that was the plan.  She added in a few satin slips to the mix! Oh,how naughty the feeling, that soft, satin secretly caressing you. Out and about, she was looking at other females, feeling so fem and sexy along with them, like a sisterhood.  “Oh, Mistress I feel so FEM,” she said, breathlessly. “Yes,” I told her. “You are!” We continued the fun, playing together like two girls on a sleepover. Picking out pretty slips and bras. Practicing our flirty walk and sharing naughty thoughts! Of course, things got a bit out of hand and, well, all I have to say is it was an explosive good time.

Summer is almost up. Are you a sissy looking to slut up your summer? Want a bit of debauchery? Let’s talk and see where we can take the fun!

Teaser Alert-

Speaking of summer fun, Monday I’m writing about the mind blowing week I’m having.  This week isn’t over yet, so I’m waiting for the rest of it to unfold. Suffice it to say:
Someone is out of town.
Someone is having fun.

Intelligent Fantasy

Mistress Erika
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Someone is hooked.
Someone is leaking loads of pre-cum just reading this.

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