So, you just came from the delicious hands of the Lovely Ms. Brighton and her ride a dick sissy aerobics? I bet you are all worn out, humm? So sit back and relax, it’s time to pamper yourself! What’s a cruise if you don’t? Not a cruise worth having, IMO!

Sissy Appointment At the Spa

Sissy Spa Services

you only live once , go Deluxe!

You ring up guest services from your cabin. Tara the soft spoken attendant answers and you coordinate the time for your arrival. You are looking over the spa services menu , left in your cabin and ask a few questions. They have several types of massages, and being unfamiliar Tara happily explains them to you. Next on the menu manicure services, Tara confirms they will do Gel or traditional. Pedicure? absolutely! They have a deluxe package which includes a pomegranate and sea salt scrub. You feel giddy and Oh So Girlie kibitzing with her about these Oh so fem things!

Oh, all the services look just amazing and you find yourself order, a facial, hair style consult and a 30 minute massage.

Tara giggles and say’s “Looks like you are going to be our guest all day!” Before she lets you go, she mentions: You know withe three or more services you can sign up for the Beauty Queen bonus package! It’s only 49.99 more and Truuuuuust me she coo’s, it’s well worth it.

Hell, you only live once why not so “Yes, sign me up!”  you squeal. It’s going on your sail n sign card anyway and you’ll have plenty of time to pay it all off. Plus the charge shows as one “Full purchase” and doesn’t give out the naughty details, the reason you came on this cruise!

Sissy Secret

You have a big secret. One the other members of the board would be aghast at finding out. The guys down at the club, hell even your most intimate partner doesn’t know your secret.  To her you are going on a business trip,meetings and spreadsheets. No time for fun, she’ll just be stuck at the hotel 16 hours a day alone, that won’t be any fun. The story worked, and she’s looking forward to using your platinum credit card to splurge as a parting gift while you are away.

You arrived onboard dressed in your typical garb. Slacks, button down shirt but underneath your new and prized pink panties and cami. You felt your heart beating hard as you went through the screening process, your belly doing flip flops. It’s finally here. A week without anyone you know. A week of being who you yearn to be.

Tara Is Nothing Like Her Voice!

You arrive in the fluffy white terry robe, flip flops. and nothing else, as instructed by Tara. After all, it’s all coming off at some point , she giggles. You felt a bit self conscious but luckily your cabin is only two decks down from the spa deck, and right below. So it was only an uncomfortable ride up and to the spa.

As you arrive through the glass doors of the spa, the lights softly twinkling, The scent in the air is of linen or cotton. The serene atmosphere softly enveloping your senses. Quite the contrast A rather tall dark brunette was at the welcoming counter. Her big blue eyes, heavily laden with lashes her pink full pouty lips glistened in the subtle light. She was tall, statuesque and a presence not to be ignored!
Her big lips curl into a smile when  you approach. “Oh Hello Cutie, as she wiggles her eyebrows at you, have an appointment?” You feel your face flush, and say “Yes, 9:30 for the deluxe package?” Peering down at her tablet,” Oh yes I found you right here, Bobbi” You feel a tingle run through you, most people called you Robert, your male name. You even registered for the appointment as Robert” Yet hearing your secret fem name, blurted out through those pretty lips sent your mind swirling! Tara pushes taps a few things on her tablet, and almost immediately a lovey petite Katie came to take you to your first pampering of the day!

Pampered Like A Lady

Katie with her green eyes, soft strawberry blond bob , slender under her too tight uniform. Her small breasts , and obviously pert nipples straining against the fabric, caught your attention. Expertly she prepares your foot bath and sinks your feet into lovely warm bubbly water. Another lady joins them, her name is Brandi. The girls attend to your every need. Glass of water or champagne? Brandi goes to work preparing your nails as Katie lifts one of your feet from the water.

You feel all tingly,and happy sipping the bubbly and having girl talk. You are SO glad you did this! With your toes and fingertips still drying the ladies lay you back with headphones, and tell you to just sit back and relax. You close your eyes, and your mind is filled with soft sensual sounds. Feeling like you are floating, and drift off… the music is punctuated with words, but they go unnoticed to your conscious brain. After twenty minutes, which seemed like hours the soft music abates and fades and you come softly and slowly out of your stupor. Your eyes flutter open and the ladies are smiling at you. Application one is done, Tara Katie calls out. “Good bring our girl over here”, you hear Tara call back.

Sissy Massage

You a brought into the massage room, small just enough for a table and for someone to walk around. A small cabinet with counters off to one side. Katie instructs you to lay, and cover with the sheet and Heidi, will be right with you. You remove your robe and your eyes dance to your lovely nails any chance they get. You admire.

Heidi comes in and is beautiful, and has the softest hands you’ve felt as she greets you with a handshake.
“Have you ever had a massage before?” She asks as she fills out the sheet on the clipboard. “Any nagging pains or aches”?”allergy’s” ?

Once her questions are done she smiles and tells you to “Just relax”, she turns the lights down from a dimmer near the door, clicks a couple of buttons and the room is filled with that intoxicating music once again and you instantly feel yourself relax.

The strong yet soft hands of Heidi, your Amazonian blond bombshell was divine. Soft melodious music, the massage oil felt tingly and divine. Her hands sliding up and down your legs, and you sigh and drift off. Images of your perfect fem self come to full fruition. In the dream you are back in the chair with Katie and Brandi , and they are bantering back and forth.

Sissy Make over

“Yes we should! Katie giggles”
Brandi replies “but that service isn’t listed, are you sure we should do this?”
“Brandi, she scolds, didn’t you see she signed up for the deluxe package? Everything is included even the waxing!”

In your dream your heat thuds your head swims, no no waxing OMG this is only for the week , if I get waxed…. then!! OMG you struggle to speak, to move or anything to say “No” but you are mute and paralyzed. Like a puppet they prepare you, unable to resist. The searing pain from those first few yanks, felt so REAL in the dream, you wimper. When your legs are done , the move to your chest, underarms, back ass, and naughty bits. with each new area removing every inch of boy hair your panic increases. This is what hell must be like, your brain struggles. Unable to move, or resist.

Your whole body tingling, they massage some soothing cream on your red, hot skin. Your dream continues and you are now in the hair salon, the more Brandi brushed your hair, the longer it got. Strange, yes. But this is a dream where anything is possible. Katie and Brandi make you over, lips, cheeks eyes. Your sleeping brain doesn’t register danger, after all Makeup can be washed off, hair can be cut and the anxiety over the soft smoothness of your legs and other parts, fades.

Sissy Juice

The dream progresses and the ladies fill your glass over and over with the intoxicating bubbly. You giggle as some tickles your nose when you took a sip, and the ladies urge “Keep drinking your juice sweetie you are going to love the health benefits” the girls burst out into a fit of giggles. Your body along with the tingles feels warm, flushed.

It Wasn’t A Dream

As the girls giggle you feel a pulsing , a throbbing in your breasts, their giggles getting louder as your breasts grow and grow pushing up on your robe, you start to panic. “what’s happening , what are these! You sit up ripping your robe open to reveal a lovely set of sissy tata’s. Your eyes shoot open and you sit quickly upright, head spinning! You take a momentary breath in the darkened massage room. Oh I’m still here, still in the massage room, what a dream! I never wished for those secret feelings to come to fruition. Sweating and heart pounding, you lean sideways to move off the table,when you feel it. The heaviness of your breasts as they swing and sway with your movements. You stumble to the wall, turning the dimmer up illuminating the room and focusing on her image in the mirror wall and she screams!

Tara’s large figure comes barreling through the door, what , What is it sweetie!

“what’s this? OMG!” you swing your robe open exposing those large breasts. Trembling and sweating a thousand images of you trying to hide those tata’s under suits flash through your mind. Your GF! OMG my LIFE IS TOTALLY TRANSFORMED your brain screams. Panting and panicing Tara responsds:

“Those are your deluxe packages sweetie, see here”

sissy spa services fine print

Fine Print Is a Bitch

She pulls out the spa menu and next to deluxe is an “*”. Bobbi’s eyes roll down to the bottom … *includes full feminization, mindful feminine meditation and natural permanent breasts………………..

Moral Of the Story

Always read the fine print.

Check back tomorrow for the sexy Mistress Harper’s Blog Train Post: Sissy Games On Deck!