Hello, crew! Giving out sissy tips is something that I do everyday. Anywhere from- how to be a better secret sissy, clothes and make-up and even to how to move and appear more feminine. There too is the naughty parts of a sissy’s journey, but we’ll save most of that for another day.

Today, we are mixing things up a bit. This blog will bring you some sissy tips FROM my sissy for you!

This all came about as a task, exercise  if you will, to see how sissy mind works, what lessons “took” and which may need some reinforcement.

Sissy Journey

In every sissy’s journey you were once a secret sissy , a time in your life when you realized your attraction for feminine things went way beyond a casual  interest or sexual arousal. When you realize that you must have in your life to feel whole, real. Many sissy’s must stay in this part of their journey. For them to reveal their interests and inner feminine energy is just not feasible. Does that mean your journey ends? It doesn’t have to. Just like a multitude of other things in your life, you just have to manage and adjust.

There are a multitude of ways you can express your inner sissy, while keeping your male mask firmly in place. From Sissy affirmations, to taking better care of  yourself and yes even playtime with Mistress can help you balance your two selves.

Sissy Training Tasks

If you are a secret sissy you may not always be able to partake in your sissy fun to the extent you wish, But nothing says you can’t behave like one in subtle ways. And particularly: think like one.

This is what brings me to one particular secret sissy I’ve known for years now.  Part of her journey has been to think like a sissy , behave like one as much as possible.  Well, when I say “behave like one” that doesn’t always mean dressing and sucking on dildo. It could be crossing your ankles when you sit. Perhaps keeping a nice manicure and pedicure upon your feminine feet! Everyone is different and training may look very much different for each under my tutelage.

For this sissy’s training task, I challenged sissy to write about the subject of denial and why denial is Good For Sissy.

Here’s what she had to say about sissy training and denial.

On your knees! On your tip-toes! Hands off your clit! Twirl! Curtsy!

Did you follow all of those commands before starting this paragraph? If you answered yes to all, then you are a compliant denied sissy. If you answered no to any and/or all of those, then you are dire need of training specifically around denial.

It goes without saying that a denied sissy is an obedient sissy. It should also be clear that we are all on the same page when we use the word denial.

Denial, for you sissy bimbos who need to be taught properly, is in reference to when you last had the opportunity to release. The longer a sissy goes without cumming the more likely she will listen to a Mistress or any woman for that matter without fail.


Should you ask to cum while you are practicing denial and you are being trained by a Mistress, be expected to eat your mess whether that be out of your hand, shot directly into your face, slurped out of a condom, and so on. If you casually forget to shoot it somewhere you can lick it off, say for example your sock, you will be required to chew out all the juice until you “cleaned up” your mess. There is no room for error for denied sissies. The reality is you wanted it bad enough and this is the price you pay for it.

If you think you are ready for denial and all that cums with it, then contact one of the LDW Mistresses and let us guide you to your inevitable path of servitude. If cum eating is not something you are ready for then you truly have not experienced denial in its full effect so think long and hard before you dial.

So as you can see, sissy has put a lot of thought into why denial is good for a Sissy. Also what she’s learned about her disobedience and what can be expected. I am particularly impressed because as you can tell sissy is putting herself in the mindset of Mistress. What she feels, what she may have said to sissy. It shows sissy’s mind is right, thinking about Mistress first and foremost , so much so that you can see the wisdom and logic of her ways.

Sissy Pleasing Mistress

Her next task was to name five ways Sissy can please Mistress. This lets me know what aspects of her sissy journey have impacted her the most. How she see’s herself in service. Note how this sissy’s mind “thinks differently” than the typical male , when it comes to pleasing Women.

5 Ways to Please Mistress

Sissy Dress

If you’re a sissy reading this, then you are here to either take notes or reiterate what you already know to be true when it comes to pleasing a Mistress or any woman for that matter. The reality is, unlike other real men, you can never please your Mistress the way a woman expects to be pleased so don’t even think for one second that you have the requirements there.

Dress Up

How many posts have you read here that doesn’t talk about dressing up? This one is no different. Dressing up includes: panties, garters, pantyhose, bras, corsets, camisoles, dresses, skirts, blouses, wigs, heels, makeup, even breast forms. All the things that you put on to erase any dignity you have until you are reduced to nothing but a sissy on strings with a Mistress to control. This is the first and probably the most important thing you can do please your Mistress…and remember to wear the right size otherwise its really all meant for nothing.


Sissy TuckedNo good sissy walks around with their pecker, big or small, just prancing around. If you think this is acceptable then you may need some CBT training before you enter the realm of sissyhood. Assuming you don’t know this already, why would your Mistress want to see your “cock” sticking out? That’s not attractive to anyone unless that’s the audience you want to impress. Having said that, take your boy parts and tuck them behind your inner thighs as you won’t be using it for quite some time.


This should be straight forward, but a Mistress finds joy in knowing that her sissy can easily be dipped into. Still not clear? Your pussy should be ready to take at least 8″ of a strap-on with very little resistance. Extra points if 12″ goes in as easier. Double extra points if you are wearing an extra-large plug before she pulls down your panties.

Tongue Service

If you are lucky enough for your Mistress to allow you to lick her, then you’d better be prepared in licking each lip and inside of her pussy and/or ass without question. Can’t breathe as she is sitting on your face? Too bad, you must deal with discomfort. Don’t like the taste? Too bad, you must learn to like it. You are lucky to even be allowed to see her pussy, let alone taste it. DO NOT TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED!

Gal Pal

Every Mistress wants someone to chat with whether its about something sexual or not. Talk about fashion, girlie movies and shows, the new trends, or even someone to pillow fight with. This is certainly something that pleases your Mistress, so be prepared to hold conversations, be a good listener, and not to stare at her beautiful curves!

I think this particular sissy has come a long way! From a shy, unsure wanna be to a full fledged sissy slut ,even if it’s in her mind, for Mistress. What do you think of this Sissy’s tips for Sissy’s? What tips would you give?

Until we chat ????????????

Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika