Small penis cuckold, does this describe you or your fantasies? It’s a misnomer that all cuckolds have small penises. Plenty of cucks RL or in fantasy are carrying  average size or better cocks.  Many of those, average or better, cock holders still focus on cocks larger than what they are sporting.  The bull’s cock is always better, thicker and always, always more satisfying. Hmm… Makes ya think, yes? Talking about how SPH and cuckolding combine to create something very erotic!

Small Penis

So for the majority of cuckolds I’ve had the pleasure of knowing,  the cuckold’s penis doesn’t hold up his end of the deal. Perhaps the guy is fixated, convinced a pussy must, has to, feel so much better stretched and filled. Since I happen to own a pretty pussy myself, I’d have to agree, thicker is better than a pencil prick. But you don’t have to sport ten inches for it to feel good. Keep in mind, if your dick size is anything like a tampon size is just not going to be good for any pussy.  Well if you are talking about satisfying sexual relations.

Wait don’t go yet! (guessing at least half of you are now running to the bathroom looking for a tampon, yes? Ha! Love it!)

No? Not you? Your hard dick is bigger? Great!  Rest easy then your dick is probably okay. Not for a size queen, mind you. But Okay for a good number of women. You’ll just have to search long and hard (HA!) to find her.


So the cuckold’s penis being inadequate, either by comparison or actually having a pee-wee peen, triggers a humiliation response. SPH, in and of itself, is very arousing for many.  If your penis is really that tampon sized dick you can either hop on that humiliation train, beat them to the punch or keep searching for that one. That one pussy that’s just the right size. After all,  I’m sure there are tiny vagina’d women out there that would enjoy your slender appendage.  Right, sport? 

Small Penis Cuckold Humiliation

small penis cuckold humiliation
Small Penis Cuckold….

Wow, that is a small penis

For the rest of you who want to take what you have, and have the MOST kinky erotic fun Cuckolding is a MUST!

Add the humiliation of a small penis, then add the humiliation knowing another man with a larger penis is pleasuring your wife you now have a small penis cuckold.

Oh or even being a participant in the activities combines two very erotic humiliation dynamics into one scene. Delicious, if I do say so myself.

We are going to be looking at cuckolding, the various types of cuckolds  with an emphasis on  humiliation, sensual and harsh. Stay tuned for  my next few blog posts.

If you are a cuckold, or have been thinking of , fantasizing about cuckolding I want to hear from you! Either comment below, email me or wait. I KNOW: CALL! ???????? I know we’ll have a great time. Explosive , even.

????Until we chat, take a look at some of my other posts on cuckolding

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