To date I haven’t really talked with you about  spanking. I may have mentioned it but haven’t done a full post on it.  I’ve been remiss, I know.

How dare I? 😀


Mistress Erika Spanking fun

I recently had a nice chat with an OTK  (over the knee) fan. His scene is chocked full of triggers and discipline geared to his particular likes.  I had such fun talking with him about it , it inspired me to give spanking a mention! He also suggested I put a profile up on Spank By Phone since I enjoyed him, and understood  spanking so intimately!  Tell me what you think? Should I post a profile? 😉

Why Spanking

Just like many other kinks or fetishes there are a wide variety of variations and reasons for spanking.  One motivator is because you are , what I refer to as,  a fan. Some might say they have a spanking fetish.  For whatever the reasons, the fan of spanking is hard wired and  spanking and arousal are connected.    Often there isn’t sex or even orgasm, it’s just the spanking they want.  Ritualized, and specific a list of erotic elements mixed together to arouse the spanking fan’s mind and start their erotic journey.

OTK boy I mention earlier has so much fun with it. There is no punishment only fun and enjoyment.  I could hear it in his voice as he describes the necessity of having the pants and underwear down around his ankles , his bare bottom in the air exposing himself to anyone around.  What fun and how interesting it is to unfold the onion on his scene, the erotic humiliation. How he must own his spanking and invite others to witness his spanking.  This is foreplay and gets his engine revving, there’s no orgasm, no masturbation. Just him, calling out his name being paddled in front of beautiful women, with his engraved with his name paddle, and owning it.

Erotic Spanking

Erotic spanking is another motivator.  Playing with the cocktail of endorphin’s and other fun stuff, which start flooding our system during arousal and augmenting it through erotic spanking play. Warming up your subject with erotic touching, massaging and then starting with softer swats and combining it with a bit of erotic foreplay. Heating up and cooling down, it naturally incorporates a bit of a Dominate and submissive feel to your sex play.

For these types of motivators, spanking really isn’t a positive punishment. Positive punishment-something that is added that will likely decrease a behavior.

Punishment Spanking

Mostly understood as a tool used between a Dominate and submissive.  To enhance the submissive’s experience in a scene. Some subs require a firm hand to help center and focus them. Either for a time or for the  tasks at hand. Also spankings are used as postitive punishment for goals and tasks not met. Enhancing the discipline aspect of the relationship,  as something tangible and responsive if failure occurs. A sub not hard wired for spankings being erotic for them ,  will find this a true punishment and are more likely to have less disciplinary issues.

I want to hear your take , comment below or email me. There’s your first task. My email is on one of my pages *points up* at the top.