Stroke, Edge, Leak, and Repeat is a very appropriate sentiment for this month and every month in my book! But this month we are featuring one of our many kinky sites: Stroke For Me! The main elements to cock control, for many, are those four words. Stroke that cock, how I say. Edge that cock when I say and when there is pre-cum leakage you handle it as I direct! Then of course that final, delicious element Repeat! But how do these elements play out, how might I have you stroke? How many edges are you capable of doing before blowing that load? How many times will I make you repeat those strokes, and edges? Both hands off your cock, stay fully dressed,  and let’s have some fun! At the end, I want you to comment if you got hard in your pants!

Stroke Edge Leak And Repeat: Stroking

I know you can probably pump that prick and make it shoot in two minutes! You are sneaky little jerk-offs and all you need is a few minutes in the bathroom when the pressure builds and you feel like you are ready to pop! However, that behavior isn’t conducive to copulation. Not if you want her to have fun too!

Ha! I hear you now: Geeze Erika, can you BE any more clinical about it (said like Chandler Bing on Friends)  I can be more clinical but if you have hung around my blog enough you know I have a “thing” for alliteration so I just couldn’t resist!

Teaching you how to regulate your arousal with stroking, and stroke with varying styles of stroking will ensure that prick keeps that pussy purring! Your cock has to become accustomed to various types of stimulus without exploding to best prepare you for the ultra-hot pussy play! Not to mention, it’s hot for me to instruct you! Some of my favorite strokes, (which change) for stroking are those which keep that cock hard but are strokes that keep that cock hard, but not quite “Edge”.

Keeping That Cock Hard: Stroke Favorites

Stroke edge leak and repeat , stroke for me , edge training 18+ 1-800-601-6975Basket Fingers is what I call it. You make your fingertips into a “claw” and place all your fingertips together like this:


This is the closest emoji I could find! Put your fingertips on the tip of that hard cock head, and slide them down the head to the ridge of the crown, and back up again. This is great , as mentioned on an already hard cock, and a way to torment a very sensitive head.

Fire Stick- just as the words depict, you are making that dick into a fire stick! Flat hands on either side of that cock, fingers outstretched roll one hand forward one hand back, like you are making a fire! As you roll your hands forward and back you can “raise them up” that shaft and back down. If you are a guy who does NOT use lube this stroke might be more irritating than fun, but that doesn’t mean you get to “Not do it” Get your sweet ass out to the kitchen and put some cooking oil, olive oil, or coconut oil in a shot glass!

Chopsticks – with your fingers or actual chopsticks! Be careful with wooden sticks, OUCH! But there are a lot of “metal” ones you can invest in or just use your fingers. Place that hot cock between two fingers, keep them straight and slide up and down. Other variations is between the middle finger and ring finger, and the most frustrating (because our pinky is the weakest finger) is between the ring finger and pinky!

But Mistress What About The Edging Part Of the Stroke Edge Leak and Repeat

Ok ok! keep your cool! I’m getting to it!

Edging. Edging is not playing with your dick. I hear from guys “I’ve been edging for hours!” Well although I might agree they were pumping that cock for hours, and they have been really aroused for a long time, I don’t know anyone who can “Hold an edge” for hours. Here’s why. An edge isn’t a really horny hot hard dick. An edge is that moment “milliseconds” before the PONR (point of no return). The Point of No Return is when you can feel that cum lock and load and no matter what you do you will ejaculate! You guys know exactly what I mean. So an edge or edge play is “dancing on the line” that PONR line. If you dance too far one way, that cum will well up and spill, regardless!

When I begin with someone for edge training, they must master the ruined orgasm, first. Why? Because you must be proficient and take all you have to stop stroking AT the PONR, and ruin it. It is to give you that experience of what a ruined orgasm is to motivate you to focus on your arousal and communicate efficiently of your edge, so I can direct you from there. If you fail to evaluate your arousal properly then the default is a ruined orgasm. Typically that is enough for most strokes to focus and pay attention!

Some of my favorite edging strokes are the reverse stroke with a twist, the ball grab and pump and the classic stop and go as I say with your regular stroke method! Of course, edging is made even more intense with cock rings, sexy toys and of course my sexy and sensual teasing! If you can last with what I barrage you with that dick can win “lasting” rewards! After all, that cock was put there to please us, humm, pet?

Good boy.

Edge Training Includes

To be Mistress Erika certified you must be proficient in the following.

The ability to edge, and edge repeatedly without orgasm. I will gradually build up the number of edges, so a first-time session might be a slow build to a couple of edges. On the other end of the spectrum? I’ve had gooners edge their age in one session.

The ability to edge however way I say. So with fingertips, various strokes, humping, and even some Sexy Ass Toys!

Being able to really DANCE on that line and “EDGE” for 20-30 seconds or more WHILE STIMULATING that cock.

Edge training 18+ adult only, stroke and edge

Stroke, Edge, Leak, and repeat: Leaking

Precum is just that, lubrication from that dick in theory “lubing up the tube” to help propel those swimmers into dangerous territory! Often more clear, sweeter than regular ejaculate, and typically arrives shortly before orgasm. Every guy is different there are leaky faucets that begin to drip while flaccid just at the sound of my voice, and there are others who are bone dry until the moment of ejaculation. Don’t feel too bad if you are l dry stroker, but if you are a wet little slut, expect me to use that pre-cum in all types of kinky and delicious ways! From rubbing it around that “Oh so sensitive tip” to the gateway behavior, putting it on your lips and propelling you towards the kink of CEI!


Exactly as it says, edge leak and do it all again. Over and over and over until your brain is rice pudding. I promise you, the best orgasms of your life are often ones teased by Mistress. Considering all that I’ve mentioned today, please remember just like any other BDSM or kink play we will negotiate our play, and if the idea of wiping that precum on your lips makes your willy wilt, then we can put that on the back burner until the day you come to me and say “Remember precum play Mistress and I didn’t wanna?” A big smile will creep across my lips, “HELL YES I DO!” knowing full well what you will say next.

So cum, stroke, edge, leak and repeat for my pleasure.

Until we chat 💋
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