What better time to discuss why you need to stroke for Mistress than now? Masturbation May is around the corner. Really! It’s tomorrow.  So let’s roll up our virtual sleeves and get to five reasons for stroking your cock for me.

Stroke for Mistress Because I Like Hearing It

It’s true. I love hearing you, or even watching you stroking that cock for me.    The more animated the better. Hearing you, watching you, grunt, howl, moan and scream is on my top five reasons why what I do is so fukin fantastic. Gets me hot. Reallyyyyyyyyyy hot. Giving assignments, getting those reports. Keeps me smiling all the day through.

Stroke for Mistress Because You Like It

Look, hot stuff. You know you’ve got a great cock. Showing it off on cam, or pictures (As I ASK FOR THEM) adds an entirely different dimension to our sessions. You’ll see.

Stroke For Mistress

Stroke For Me Pet

Or if you’ve got a peeny weenie , you are laid bare vulnerable , submissive and quivering for me. I’ve seen them pretty small, you probably won’t be able to beat it. But willing to find out!

Either way follow my lead , give up or learn to give up control of that cock to me and you will not be sorry. I’ll cool that tool, tame that beast and having you whimpering for more. I don’t just coo and say stroke, stroke. I’ve had many a compliment on my guided masturbation style.

Stroke for Mistress Because it’s Part of Your Submissive Training

For those learning to give up that control, experience different ways of being submissive cock control is basic, and necessary. The male’s prime directive is to procreate. Nature dictates he do so well and often. Insert Femdom control and there’s a whole new ball game being played. Taking away his ability to procreate as his body cries for him to do so. The changes and challenges to a man’s mind. The psychology of cock control is stimulating in and of itself for many and is a constant source of information and entertainment for me.

Edging Improves Your Endurance

Stroking for me and including a bit of power exchange giving up that orgasm to my word will improve your stamina and your mind and body’s ability to control your own sexual arousal to last longer than before and perhaps even long enough for HER to have an orgasm before you do. *snicker laugh*

Stroke for Mistress

Because it makes you my hard, horny, stroking slut, and I love it.

Really pet, there isn’t any other reason that’s necessary, right?
Yet I gave you four others. How benevolent of a Mistress am I? *laughs* VERY!

Until we chat, and you stroke for me.

Mistress Erika