One fun thing I love doing is giving my submissive tasks. What submissive tasks are assigned, of course varies from person to person! I know I’m sounding like a broken record! ha ha! I feel it’s important to reiterate that, after all this might be the FIRST blog someone’s read of mine, right? Good, I knew you’d agree. Now onto some fun. You’ve asked me if I write about you in my blogs. Why not tell me the answer regarding this blog!

Submissive Tasks

Regular clients and I have a lot of fun!! Learning playing and assigning submissive tasks, first learning about what you do during your day. Limits and possibilities. Do you have more freedom during your day?  Stop at the adult bookstore during your lunch, and do as I say! Shopping for sexy panties. Or a vibrating butt plug! Oh that Cock ring looks so sexy wrapped around your junk! Get that!  Playing various Tease and  delay games to keep  your hormones flowing.  Maybe you have your own computer during the day and I send you sexy clips to get you going!

Why, just thinking about  it makes your dick swell, and stay in a chubby like state all day! I love it and I love keeping you horny and thinking of me! Teasing you, sending you to edge and wear a reminder of me for a period of time. Time for session and you are ready to blow!

Submissive Tasks Enhance Feelings of Submissiveness

Sometimes it’s hands off, no touching. It is interesting how males respond to such a thing. I can’t touch my penis?  You see, not only is it fun to hear about your torment of not being able to touch your cock,  it seems to be first nature to most men and is almost an impossible task! They haven’t kept their hands off of their trouser snake for more than a few hours in decades! But reports from this all confirm, how humbling somewhat humiliating and yes truly feeling what it feels like to submit

Submissive tasks

Submissive Tasks Keeping You Hot and Horny!

to another. Along with this reliable triggers peppered into your tasks to increase your arousal during the day, and increase the torment because you simply can not touch!

Pleasing Mistress With Your Submissive Tasks


Without question and without hesitation you should be commenting on my blogs on a regular basis. Following me and supporting me on Social Media should go without saying.  I adore your words of devotion and worship. It always pleases me to hear you describe your arousal, your desperation and

feelings of submission! I’m not talking war and peace , people. I’m talking a few lines!

Some might scoff, thinking I should be more aloof, more obscure and make you “work for it”.  I generally don’t operate that way.  I find I get what I want simply by laying it on the table. These are some of the things you can do to please Mistress.  I am also saying it because I believe in putting the dots real close together for you. Giving you every opportunity to “get it right” on how you can please me.  Do I sometimes play sexy mind games for both of our pleasure? Yes. But when it comes to what pleases me, how you can rise above the rest. Make me notice you and choose YOU, you must stand out! Don’t make me repeat myself. I get bored with it.  I delight in clever and considerate submissive males.


Your first sexy task is to write a body worship paragraph and send it to me. Use the picture on this blog, and contact me today!