I’ve had the most interesting week since starting at LDW! Involving yantra (tantric) masturbation, some meditation, and my renewed interest with these studies.  So come along with me on a bit of  a journey. I think you’re going to have fun, I know I have!  All week I have had multiple experiences with meditation, tantric masturbation. One was a two Mistress session with the sexy Ms. Delia and her submissive. Head on over to Virtual World Phone Sex  for how sessions of this nature are enhanced with adding a virtual world experience. You never know, you just might catch my post on this hot session soon, so don’t forget to subscribe while you are there.


Tantric Masturbation

Started with an e-mail-
In a hotel…into internal orgasms dark yantra guided … Haven’t touched cock but so turned on edging wise…are we a fit?

Tantric Masturbation

Tantric Masturbation Experience

Now, I don’t pretend to be experienced in any of this, and had to look up “yantra”.  I replied excitedly , that it sounded fascinating, why not see what this is all abut! Away we went.

A voice only call at first, our connection was quick and easy and I felt his energy, as we went through the session. Breathing , sounds building and focusing mentally  then physically. Experiencing the  sensations, energy, pleasure.  No external ejaculations, traditional male orgasm. Not what it’s about, necessarily.  It was the experience, the connection our energy the experience.  Experience he did and described to me that day, what I would routinely see in subsequent days.  It was erotic, enlightening and energizing for me!

Oh and for him? Our connection was energizing and exciting for him as well.  According to the email I received about ten minutes after the call, he had an amazing time.  Sharing some thoughts via email we agreed this was just the beginning.

I learned he is is out of town. Hustling and earning business on this out of town trip. Allowing him more private time than normal. Time to explore and wanted someone to experience this with him. Sizzling hot summer fun, oh yeah! Fantastic!

Tantric Masturbation Continues

So, of course after what I just experienced, I was eager to find out more about tantric masturbation for beginners.   It reminds me a lot of meditation and other similar ways of focused relaxation. I’m really diggin it. If there is enough interest, we can journey this road together.

Each morning we begin joining, reuniting.  Sharing , feeling and exploring, in similar ways.  Arousal, erotic energy, built and enjoyed. The energy was then expressed in positive ways throughout  the day.  A couple days his energy felt great, and I didn’t think he needed me so we didn’t session. He may have been a bit disappointed but trusted in me, and complied.  But you know, every day , his day was successful!  Winning contracts and succeeding.  He was super charged, and feeling the natural high.  Our connection is palpable and when I asked him of his impressions for the week some of his response.

“I have done the tantra meditation beds thing but this is a little different…you really listen and hear and feel me but what i like most is you are smart and get the world you start edging me and of course, i get these incredible waves of bliss which is awesome and i usually would cum but you treat me differently and you are always there for me.”

Energetic Send off

It’s now 5:30 am and we just completed our last session of our amazing week. Business complete, a successful trip for both his company and for him personally. Fantastic journey for me. Now was the time for our ultimate reward. Our most intimate and explosive session leaves him renewed, refreshed (if not a bit drained ha ha)  for the challenges ahead. Leaving me with: “Thank you for everything I really mean it. I am so blessed to be living this incredible life….”


With these two incredible experiences I’m eager to dive into this realm, I’d love to hear if you have experience with meditation or tantric masturbation.