We were talking at my kitchen island, where we stopped and chatted after he arrived. A few pleasantries were passed when the subject of a coworker and her rumored relationship having a Dom/sub dynamic. Ok, I admit. I brought it up, he didn’t.  We continued talking about Dom/sub dynamics and how it plays out in a multitude of ways in your life.  What about orgasm control? Will  you let me control  your orgasms” I asked, matter-of-fact. Uh, no! And a deep, nervous chuckle was his response.

I asked him again, are you sure. He was amused, and confident that it wasn’t his thing. Can I get you a drink, and we’ll go outside.  Sure, and I gathered our drinks and escorted him outside. My gauzy white sundress swung as I sashayed outside in my red patent leather heels.

Sensual and Sexual Settings

Orgasm Control


The lanai is so inviting this time of year, temperature in the mid-high 70’s, the pool shimmering brightly from warm Florida sun. The soft fresh breeze is so relaxing.  Just one of those beautiful days that just made you feel good to be alive.

So we chit chat more about sexual things, you know the kind of chit chat two people have when considering further sexual advances with the other. Verbal foreplay I like to call it. I notice his glances at my shoes. They are very sexy and they make me feel very sexy wearing them, perhaps that’s why I started to tease him, with them. The cushioned lanai chairs are arranged so we are more or less facing each other, and only a few feet apart. Placing my red leather shoe on the chair rail between his legs, then crossing my my other leg at the ankle ,he visibly becomes transfixed at the two red devils teasing him.  Pressing ever so gently on his crotch, with one shoe, I ask him if he likes my pretty red shoes. He does. I continue to tease a confession from him. His lust and humiliation over his desires for shoes. Touch, kiss and caress them, I encourage him.  Slowly he begins to touch my shoes and feet. Seeing his arousal I ask him to remove his cock from his pants.  Teasing, pushing rubbing the shoes on his cock, he’s paralyzed by his passion and his shame.

Learning More About Orgasm Control

Will you give me control of your orgasms? No…. he struggles a response. Immediately, without fan-fair I remove my shoes, and myself and go in the house to leave him there. Alone, throbbing and confused. He doesn’t realize I can see him from the kitchen window, his puzzled look , then his realization that his answer did not get  him what he wanted. I leave him there for a good fifteen minutes or more. I laugh, he’s not stroking himself to orgasm! Orgasm control training is so much fun on the unwilling, watching as they think this trough.  He put his, quickly softening, cock away after about five minutes. Playtime was over.  Good, let him stew for a bit. Sit in his humiliation, of what just happened. I’ve conditioned others, he will be no exception.

He just sat there, lost in his own thoughts. Why he didn’t get up and come looking for me, or embarrassed and  make an excuse and leave, I don’t know. Not important. What’s important is he didn’t leave and continues to sit, watching the sun ray’s dance on the pool water.

Rewards Are Important When Conditioning

I know he can hear the click click click of my heels on the floor as I approach the lanai door. Bringing fresh drinks, I say nothing and sit down. A few minutes go by, I am enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. He looks very uncomfortable so I decide to help him with that, and continue the lesson. How did you feel when I went away? Lonely, alone was his reply.  Would you like to play with my shoes, some more? I give him a slight smile and a wink.

He is hesitant with his yes, after-all  he doesn’t knowing my motive. But I guess he’s decided my motives don’t matter anymore to him, just getting to those shoes is what matters. You see, some men just don’t understand what orgasm control is, I think to myself.  So much fun showing, instead of a mind numbing verbal debate over the subject, right?

I smile and return my lovely red heels to his lap. Resuming the erotic teasing, touching and kissing of my shoes I encourage him to stroke his cock again. It isn’t long until his hot member is ready to explode . Take your hand off your cock, I purr. He does. And I take the  red leather and softly tease him. His head falls back, eyes close ever so slightly and he moans. He’s getting there, in that space. Where men will do almost anything. Seeing his arousal, his growing submission is so erotic for me and I can feel my dampness growing.

Lesson Learned

We play like this edging over and over, until my shoes are absolutely filthy with pre-cum. Such a smart man, he learns quickly, I am pleased.

I ask, in a whisper. Will you give me control of your orgasm?  It takes a moment for his overloaded hormone flooded brain to respond. He chokes out a small…..Yes.

Smiling I let him cool down one more time before  I allow him his release.  I sit back with a knowing smile on my face. When he starts to rouse from his orgasmic bliss, I teasingly add. So, how is that again? You won’t give me control of your orgasm? I chuckle. He is puzzled, trying to make sense of it all, what did he just do? What did he just allow?

You see, I softly tell him, that’s just a taste of what can occur when you give up control  to me.
Orgasm control, once you’ve been introduced you’ll  want more.