Tease and delay that orgasm for me, pet. You’ve come to me to explore. Explore we will. What turns you on? Well, if you are here, it’s probably the feeling of submission. It’s up to someone else, isn’t it? You get to serve in the best way you know how.

Tease and Delay Day

Today is the day, my stroking pet. The day we spend teasing My cock and delaying that orgasm! You knew what a cock tease I was, didn’t you? Let’s extend it to all day! After all, you don’t really want to cum, do you? Aww, if you did, all this fun would just vanish! We wouldn’t want that now, would we? Of course not! So let’s start off with a nice slow session, trailing my fingers up and down, tracing the outline of that hot mushroom head that thickening shaft mmm…..up and down.  Grabbing firmly stroking faster, up and down faster, harder, faster harder… mmm That’s it. *hands off* I cry as I release my cock from my hand. Deep intake of breath. This is nothing for you, we are just getting warmed up! I ask for your help around the house, and corner you for a few minutes of stroking here and there. Gotta keep that chubby going!

Lunch Tease

tease and delay

Cock Tease Mistress Erika

At lunch, I plop a bag down in front of you. “Here, put this on when you are done.” You take it into the bedroom, and it’s a remote controlled cock ring. Slipping it on My cock, feeling so controlled, so naughty you’re tingling from head to toe. Slipping my panties back up your legs, trying to appear cool and collected. I smile as you sheepishly return, and I press a few options on my phone and you flinch, bending at the waist at the vibration in your panties!

Delay Orgasm

So, we spend the day with similar activities, edging you over and over. Exhausted, yet so easily aroused. Having some refreshments and extended cool down, since I barely left you alone for a complete hour all day! My orgasms via your hot mouth has only proved to start my engines. I’m now ready for my main course. Only question is, are you? After such a hot, erotic day of tease and delay are you up for this? Better put two condoms on. You wouldn’t want to finish before I say, humm?? Oh Gawwwwwd, writing this has gotten me so hot. Come on let’s play!