You might think anytime a woman is teasing a small penis that it is the same as humiliation. Well, yes and no. It is complex. Hello kink lovers, today I’m talking about this very interesting question. It involves fine nuances and for those who enjoy small dick teasing but not necessarily humiliation those fine nuances mean a lot! I’ve included some examples to compare and contrast in the audio, so don’t just read CLICK and Hear!

SPH Small Penis Humiliation

Humiliation is totally subjective. You must feel humiliated in order for the desired effect. But humiliation is not a one size fits all. What I mean is, if some stranger looked at you and said “what the hell are you wearing you look like a bum.” Most people would either laugh, be taken aback but there’s no real humiliating emotions going on, now is there? I mean you don’t even KNOW this person, why do you care what they think right? They have no power over you. In this case that stranger who means nothing to you has no impact on you.

Take a similar situation, and have that person be your boss in front of an entire room of colleagues. Imagine your horror. Now let’s ramp it up a notch and now it’s your sexual crush who looks at you naked for the first time: Um is THAT ALL THERE IS, are you fucking kidding me?

This is harsh small penis humiliation.

Small penis teasing

Do you have a small dick? I want to tease you!

Small Penis Teasing

Small Penis Teasing isn’t about making the recipient feel humiliated, necessarily.  Although I suspect similar biological elements are in play.  We are all different, different temperaments, sizes etc. It doesn’t necessarily mean your small penis is is a deal breaker, as in the above scenario. The lady obviously places a high value on a larger dick. But not all women do, honestly and are more than capable of making that small cock “work for her” in some way. So when you are in the mindset that we are all beautiful snowflakes, big , small  kinky or vanilla you now have the right mindset for Small Penis Teasing. Which I am a fan of! Aww, look how cute! How small is your dick? Can we measure? It’ll be fun! Oh Look just right for my panties! Tee hee!

In the link in my title “small penis teasing” is an example of what some think of as teasing, elements are a bit humiliating aka the laughter so for some that might fall under humiliation. What do you think? Read the essay and tell me if you are a fan of teasing, does this do it for you?

One Size Does Not Fit All

Certainly small penis teasing is not as popular as a more harsh SPH and not all Mistresses are “down with it”. Many will tell you if your dick is smaller than 5″ you will be humiliated , period. No Harm No Foul, the play has to be enjoyed by both parties and if you are a gentleman of small persuasion and enjoy teasing she’s just not the lady for you.

Which Is which?

So listen to the audio, attached to this post.Check out some of my other SPH posts. Then tell me which is exciting for you , small penis humiliation or teasing or perhaps both? I want to hear from you, do you “get” small penis teasing?

Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika