Teasing sissy with sissy assignments is one of the fun things I get to do. in addition to our creative minds, our sissy gurls also have some great ideas! Olivia and I were sharing an email with the one and only pink peg. Of course, Olivia being the wise Mistress put Peg to  task! Olivia commanded Peg to list some of her assignments that she’s had or wants to have!

Without a beat of a heart, Peg returned with the results. She also included some of the tasks I have assigned to her.

What I want to hear from you!  Do you have a similar experience or want a similar experience? I’m also wondering if you think this is a good idea for a podcast on The Weekly Hot Spot.

Teasing Sissy Assignments

✔️Buying women’s clothing in the store.
✔️Trying on and then buying women’s clothing in the store.
✔️Going out in public dressed completely in women’s clothing…Walmart, (with 2 Mistresses)
✔️ I wore panties to work each day for ages.

The tasks that Mistress Erika assigns me generally had a pattern. They dealt with “length”. Meaning the length of time being locked before I was allowed to do something I had done a million times.
Mistress had granted me my earned “coming out “ and with some teasing sissy images and a few strokes of her cage peg learned what a caged ruined orgasm was.  We refer to it as your jiggle and dribble.

Teasing Sissy Gurls Is Popular

sissy tasks 18+ 1-800-601-6975You know who you are. My pain slut, who at this writing is probably whipping her sweet bottom with a heart slapper and making all kinds of lovely noises. She has amassed an amazing amount of photos of her wardrobe creating a virtual closet for me to shop in when the time comes. Assigning you what to wear for the session is fun, and my having your wardrobe in a file makes my life easier. After all, that’s what you are here for. Isn’t that right my pets? With that said, sometimes I task my sissy sluts to surprise me with their selections!

Of course, my shopping bitch, Missy is on her way to stardom, or is that infamy? Her tasks include picking out lovely bras and panties to model. But not just model she has to WORK that runway! As the ladies attending are taking pictures and videos! Click here to read more about Missy the Pantie Boi. So after sissy Missy struts her stuff just like any good lingerie spokesmodel she must describe in delicious detail the sweet items she’s wearing!

“This lovely summer edition, Cherry Blossoms bra and panty set is ready to play. With soft satin cups adorned with whimsical cherry blossoms. The soft mold cups cradle and hold your bountiful breasts. Two small cherries dance in the center gore. The panties also decorated with cherry blossoms are trimmed with soft lace and come in cheeky and thong styles, this set is a MUST-have for a sizzling summer good time!”

Humiliation Teasing Sissy Assignments

We have the exposure sissy who begs me to expose her sissy journey to other Mistresses at Enchantrix. MaryFaeBendova is a fan of the Mistresses here at LDW. She needs to be reminded of her purpose and place. She is often required to perform acts of service, humiliation style. MaryFaeBendova is very Motivated To Behave. So we shall see how she does with her summer shopping tasks. Follow me on Twitter, I just might give you updates on her journey. Or hell, make her tell you.

I know more than one Mistress will know Thomasina aka pee wee aka LTSCAL aka sissy cuckold slut. I am sure I’ve mentioned pee wee somewhere on my blog before. She really fits into so many of the slut categories including sissy slut. The things this horny sissy has done for me, and the other Mistresses. From behaving like a depraved sissy, cutting up her boy underwear when we played with Mistress Daphne.  Giving my strap on a good blow job, ad oh so much more!

Oh Hell, I Go On Too Much!

1-800-601-6975 discount on erotic audios 18+Of course, I never got to so many sissies I’ve trained and have played with. I could write a ten thousand-word blog about all of you delightful sluts. I adore you all! If you would like to see your name on my blog, or even for me to talk about your sissy journey. If my using your sissy name makes you nervous, and not in a good way, I don’t have to use names. Just connect with me in a session, be it a phone or texting session discuss your blog or mention you in one! Don’t forget we have a special on erotic audios and assignments this month, so now is a great time to look at some of the fun sissy assignment packages I have at our phone sex assignment store! One of the more popular packages is our Sissy In-Depth Probe Package, on page two! If you have purchased and played before, comment below! Did you like your experience?

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Until we chat 💋

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