Hi  there, crew, welcome to first Saturday!  The first Saturday of the month I post a bit of erotica, just to have a little fun! Sometimes it’s something I’ve written. Other times what others write and offer to me as a gift. This story is inspired by one, but written by me.

The Long Ride

Grumbling to himself, Clark found his way to a seat. He can’t believe there’s a problem with his reservation, and he can’t believe he got this assignment! Being the new intern to the company, he expected some not so great assignments, but this one beats all! The CEO, taking his winter leave to Florida, wants his precious car with him. No, can’t hire a car shipper, his precious baby had to be hand delivered and cared for along the way. So the auto train it is for him.

He took a seat in the observation train. His reservations seem to have been mixed up. He had coach seating for the trip. So, he decided to hang out here for a bit until he heard from the porter. Certainly the company reserved him sleeping quarters, he thought. The ride was over 24 hours! So there they sat. Clark and his bag sat staring out the window to the train yard, waiting for the train to leave the terminal.

Lost in his misery as the train starting to move, he suddenly became aware of her when she lurched slightly forward with the moving of the train. She was sitting near him in a captains chair which swiveled, allowing the occupant to face to the side of the car, out of the expansive window, or swivel to face other passengers.

He casually took her in. What drew his attention was  her  long stocking covered leg, bouncing up and down as she scrolled through her phone. Long dark hair, loose and reaching down past her shoulders. Her flowing sheer, white silk blouse with the lace crochet trim, accentuating her curves. The long bell sleeves swung in mesmerizing motion, as she moved her hands. Short skirt,  sheer hose and leather heels completed her casual business look. His eyes rested again on that bouncing foot.

Looking up briefly from her phone, eyes only, watching the young man fixate on her legs, her bouncing foot. Not the first time, won’t be the last time, she smiled to herself. A naughty thrill rushed through her when she thought “Yes, he’ll do.”

Of course, since she interested him, they became engaged in small banter. Names, destination, the subject of confused accommodations were discussed. She sympathized for his plight. It wasn’t any fun thinking of staying in coach seating for the night. She had a bedroom accommodations, but preferred to meander about the train for the most part. She laughed at his attempts to humor her, and to her delight, he was really quite clever.

The first two hours flew by, and she suggested they dine together when it was announced. Clark, being the hungry puppy he is, was more than thrilled to have captured this vixen’s attention! He smugly thought, definitely getting some spank bank material tonight. He casually looked around for that porter to see if they found him sleeping accommodations. Being able to drain that spank bank tonight would make this trip worthwhile!

Dinner was great, and she was definitely heating up, he thought. When, during dessert, he suggested he needed to find the porter to follow up on his plight, he suddenly felt her soft foot travel up his calf, to his thigh…… and then his crotch. His eyes darted to her face. Eyebrows up in a question, her lips surrounding her drink’s stir stick in a pucker, she looked up and purred “Why bother. I  have plenty of room in my bedroom.” His cock sprung to attention, and  he literally stuttered “Uh, oh, um, OK!” Instantly felt like virginal fool. He wasn’t mind you. No, he’s not a virgin. He’s three times not a virgin, he thought.  His love stick has been in nirvana three times, and the fact that she seemed to suggest tonight could be the fourth time, well stud almost came right then and there.

He giggled an uncomfortable giggle, and went to move  her foot and slide out of the booth. She resisted, her strong leg planting her foot against his manhood. A bit startled at her resistance, he looks up to see her golden eyes meeting his. She glared at him in mock shock. “Clark,” she commands,  “it’s obvious to me you like what’s going on.” Swallowing hard , Clark nodded. “Then what are you doing?” A wave of fear shot through him. Did he just blow his chance at pussy?

Well, I thought you said we can , um retire to your bedroom? He blushed realizing how unsure he sounded. All in due time , dear Clark, all in due time! She presses his cock again, harder and starts to push her foot, up and down. Clark gasps, please. Please don’t. His eyes dart around the car, who’s around  , who can see what she’s doing to him, what he’s about to do. Pinching the side of his leg , trying to force himself to concentrate on something else other than his growing arousal to orgasm, pulling his ass as far back into the bench seat as possible without offending her. Fuck! What kind of kinky broad was this? Wow,  did she want, his head spun, is he going to regret this?

She continued stroking him and said “Do you want to play, Clarkie? If so, you will do as I say, when I say and exactly how I say. You don’t move, or do anything  without me telling you to do it. Or you asking, and getting permission, to do it. Understood?” Winking at the young man, she assured him, “You’ll be amply rewarded, trust me.” He shook his head yes, his mouth cotton dry, and felt his face burning! He couldn’t believe his luck. It didn’t matter what she had in store, he was IN!

She suddenly removed her foot away from his crotch, and his cock throbbed and twitched in protest. She sat quietly, sipping her drink, looking at her phone, and letting Clark cool off. She asked for some bottled water and fruit to bring back to her quarters. When it arrived, she looked up at uncomfortable looking Clark. “Ready?”

Clark sat the five minutes in silence. Partly to help cool down, yes. He couldn’t rightly start sauntering through the train cars with a damn tent in his pants! Partly, he kept his mouth shut, because he couldn’t believe his dumb luck and wasn’t about to risk fucking up this chance for pussy!

This angel from the heavens , slipped out of the booth, turned and wiggled her way through the car. Clark, sporting a noticeable wet spot, tries to keep it covered with his bag, as he clumsily lumbers his down the car behind her. Her shapely ass, swaying back and forth, enchanting him as he starts to lose focus of all else around him, follows……..To be continued.