Hello and happy First Saturday to you! Looking at my back log of sexy sissy stories to share with you I just might have to change First Saturday to First Sissy Saturday! Last , First Saturday I introduced you to Samantha. Although Samantha has a lot more naughty details to divulge it’s Lisa’s turn today! Why? Because not only is she a fantastic submissive sissy but her journey has just taken on a NEW Dimension! Now today’s “First Saturday Fantasy” isn’t really a fantasy at all. Well it’s heavily laced with fantasy, but the gurl behind the story and what feminine steps she’s taken in her feminization journey are very real. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for over a year

Lisa’s Sissy Journey

I’ve written about Lisa before, you can check out those posts here: Lisa’s Sissy Journey. As you can see Lisa is dedicated in developing her perfect fem self! She’s a darling sissy and has done her utmost best to learn, practice and become that perfect Feminine being!

Lisa’s Beginnings

Lisa has had a long history with LDW/Enchantrix. So much so, our first session she told me how she used to call our very own Head Mistress Ally! Talk about upping my game! If Lisa was Ms Ally’s Sissy then that sissy bar is set pretty high! Lisa Adores Ms Ally, who helped her along on sissy journey!

Lisa’s Time Out

As many sissy journey’s go, Lisa took a feminine sabbatical for a while. It certainly isn’t easy for a “sissy” out there. All those societal forces keeping you in your “proper lane”. But as Lisa and many sissy gurls learn, you can put your girl away but she will never leave you! I’ve known some to suppress their girlie desires for decades and try and lead a “expected lifestyle”. Live moves on, circumstances change and before you know it, that sissy comes oozing out again!

Lisa’s Re-commitment

Just like every sissy gurl, lisa couldn’t keep “Lisa” under wraps any longer. No longer could she ignore with sweet whispers from deep within. Sept 2018 Lisa first came to me, but she wasn’t “Lisa” then. She was a lost sissy in need of direction, compassion and discipline! After a couple of chats, it was time start using a Fem name, something I insist on with all my gurls. You can’t rightly put on a pair of panties, heels, lipstick and a wig and expect me to call you by a GUYS name!

Your Sissy Name Is Important! So during our chats we talked about Lisa’s vision what kind of woman she wanted to be. I told Lisa her name has to have significance. I don’t just pull a sissy name out of a hat and call it good! So after our few chats, she was Named Lisa. Very feminine and is the name of a woman who was instrumental in her life, thus far.

Lisa’s Accomplishments

Since our introduction there have been some amazing changes with sissy Lisa, some of which I’ve talked about before. She is diligent and honestly harder on herself than anyone. Vying for that perfect fem body, she works out, does yoga regularly. I love her reports from Yoga and some of the pics she sends me in her “oh so tight yoga gear”! Losing weight, she reduced her BMI. Now when she models her panties for me, she looks so slim, toned and very sexy! I still have visions of that sexy Belly Chain she got as a reward for all of her hard work!

Lisa’s New Life

Since we met Lisa has developed some very important sissy routines. Monthly waxes and facials. Love that soft smooth sissy skin! Don’t forget other pampering like massages and manicures!

Her wardrobe has expanded and now has a drawer full of satin panties! She’s also enjoys experimenting with her sissy style at a boutique nearby! Where everyone from cross-dressers to sissy gurls get to be dressed up, made up and of course those Glam Shots Are A Must!

Feminine Ways

Lisa’s feminine ways have come a long way. It was important to me, and Lisa that she learn sensual and sexy moves. Not only does that give you the ability to feel fem regardless of your dress, those same moves are used to attract and entice!

Attract and entice indeed and Lisa learned some other very important sissy skills. Like how to please her man. Not only by being a good girl for him, but to be able to please him with her body in many ways. Lisa should blush, she did very well in this regard!

Bridal Dream Come True

We talked, recently and just like many sissy gurls your tastes and interest evolve. Not all sissy gurls take this route but many do. Once you emerse yourself in your feminine self and allow her to dream anything is on the table. Lisa dreamed. Wanting to experience as much of her feminine self as possible. Including being a blushing bride! Lisa is finally ready. Her Feminine self primed and polished, to take her femininity to a whole new level.

This very special boutique Lisa is acquainted with allows for Marriage ceremony’s , where the bride walks down the asile in her most beutiful of dress. Her groom awaits her at the alter. Knees trembling it’s the moment of truth. Will her groom take her hand, and the ceremony begins. Or does he turn and walk away? Of course Lisa is a vision to behold and Mr. takes her hand and they are wed.

Then it’s off to the bridal suite, where Lisa unveils her years of training. Transforming to the woman she was always meant to be. Beautiful, Naughty and more than capable to making this night a night to last a lifetime. Servicing her beloved, allowing him intimate pleasures of her body no one else ever has.

The fitting is complete and she’s posted pictures on Wiki Commons for us to enjoy. Now to await her husband. When the time is right, it will all come to a beautiful fruition.

Why Lisa’s Post

We talked about her journey and the portion I’ve had the pleasure of guiding her through. She feels, as I do that other sissy gurls might find her journey similar to their own. To send the message to never give up. With the right guidance , and support anything is possible.
Lisa’s own words

And now finding a wonderful spot at my changing room as well as B^^^^ boutique
And then realizing my dream Of been a bride. All because of your guidance support and love,


I’m so proud of her. I look forward to more fun along this delicious Feminine Journey with Lisa. Do you have feminine dreams? Have you worked with a Mistress? i would love to hear from you. Comment below, or email me.

Until We Chat
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