Welcome to First Saturday Fantasy! I was going to post a fantasy about cuckolding and cum eating but My Gurls are just so eager to help me and I’m being flooded with Sissy writings, and requests!! So one MORE Feminization tease, and onto My Personal Fantasy next month! Well, I say My Personal “fantasy” but is it STILL a fantasy if you’ve “done it”? Tee he
So today’s idea came from a long time playmate and we have some feminization fun! I’m going to tease you with a bit of the premise today and our idea is to take this Long Term, if you like it! So every few months I’ll post another update, or chapter in the saga. Here we go with Sissy sorority!

Sissy Sorority

The air turning cool and still a few weeks from full fall foliage, a small college town was filling up once again, with the influx of the students to this otherwise sleepy town. The ladies at Sorority “X” busy making their temporary home welcoming. Rooms being filled with curtains, skirts , perfume and giggles. The soft  banter as old friends greet and new ones are met.

Across the street the frat boys were busy hanging out on the porch watching the ladies, flutter about their tasks. Rude comments on body parts, as they “check out the new meat”. Some boasting on their own sexual prowess, from those who are least qualified of those boasts.

Men who behave in such ways do so just to cover up their own insecurities regarding their lack of sexual ability. The funny thing is, they think they are invisible. That no one knows that the bigger the mouth the smaller the appendage and/or ability.Silly

So when the horny frustrated guys saw the ladies leave one by one, they starting to dare each other. The pledges were sent to the ladies house to steal a pair, or several pairs of panties. A lot of teasing and cajoling they make their way and the guys watching give each other high fives when they see the pledges disappear into the house.

The guys are successful with their “panty raid” and proudly show off their treasures. As the guys were goofing off, one of the Seniors saw Jades’ blue car begin the turn down the road. Hell, one is back early, and quickly devised a plan.

Sliding the panties over the pledge’s heads and ushering them out to the sidewalk, the ladies couldn’t help but see the obscene site as they arrived at their door.

“WTF, Jade! Aren’t those your VS panties, !? Brooklyn hissed into Jade’s ear after grabbing her arm” “Yes, it is Brook, ignore them don’t give them the satisfaction”. Brooklyn, nodded and the ladies dipped behind the big entryway door. Jade the junior seemed light-years advanced to Brook the freshman, perhaps why she was assigned to her, Brook  supposes. In just these few short weeks, Brook learned that the ladies of her sorority knew what they were doing, if she kept her head down and followed orders, she just might survive, even flourish.

Putting away Jades purchases, Jade busy texting the rest of the ladies. By the end of the evening the plan would be hatched.

The senior’s were fed up with the guys across the street. They tried each year to get them to stop, even going as far as the Dean. Last year they thought the guys learned their lesson but here they are again, treating us the way they treat their pledges! I mean WHO do they THINK they are!?!? They are going to regret the day they started this!

Instead of being upset, calling the campus authorities the ladies show up that Friday to the frat house,with a case of beer, their lowest cut tops and cutest leggings.

The guys waiting for the retaliation, cautiously let them hang. A couple of the seniors pop open a beer.
Jade speaks up and says “I know we’ve had this feud forever, and I know you naughty guys tried again this week to get us to react!” The ladies sitting around the steps of the frat house begin to “Giggle”. Some of the guys hanging on the rail, others on the porch. Still a few others lingering on the front lawn.Anywhere were they can get a good look at the women decorating their steps.

Sure some were football players, others were popular because of their wit, or connections. But one thing rang true, most were filled with false bravado. Inside is an insecure , trembling boy whose  eyes bug out at the sight of lovely cleavage and throb in their pants at the lightest of touches. Their weak minds being easily over come by strumming that male biological directive “just so”.

You see………At some level men never really grow up, and are often and easily reduced to a stumbling, bumbling horny mess, and you know it. They know these ladies, are way above their league.

Now with hearing them talk of a truce of “growing up” and becoming friends was blowing their minds. Cocks started springing up.

So what do you think happens next? I’d love to hear what your naughty mind has thought!