Darling fans! Welcome back! Like the title three kinks, one submissive? My last few blogs were about sexy feet, eating cum and being spanked. I want to know who out there loves all three? Come on who wants to be my submissive hat-trick/ triple play? I am in a mood for some naughty play!

Three Kinks Starting With The Feet

Three Kinks

Three Kinks One Submissive, Delicious

My pretty toes painted and soft…… slip out of my strappy heels. I know you love them and love to touch kiss and have those pretty feet dance across your lap. Your eyes laser focused on my pretty peds anytime you can. Why, even at the cute bistro, sitting out by the river on the secluded patio. Your back to the world , I face towards traffic so only I can see “who’s coming”. You don’t stop me, when my very dexterous toes travel up your leg. To the inside of your thigh and find that bulge.  Bulging now because I’ve been teasing you. Smiling eyes, along with soft pink lips telling you I own that cock, and having you repeat it back. Teasing which is better pet? You like my toes as they grab and lightly pinch your hard-on. MM how about that sexy soft arch as my foot slides firmly along your length. Come on pet, (I look up and over like someone is coming) Smiling back at you, not relenting my tease: tell me what part of my feet do you find sexiest?

Second Kink Spanking

I know how erotic it is for you to submit. Such a strong capable man feeling weak and vulnerable. When I placed  you across my lap……. your large torso spread out along the sofa…….. penis between my thighs. Why I was delighted to feel it growing and throbbing with each hot slap. Oh you are so turned on by spanking and soon so hard and dipping between my legs. You beg for more!  *slap* You are a naughty sub! “Yes , Mistress. Please, Mistress. More Mistress. First my soft palm on your ass, you whimper and grit your teeth as the spanking becomes more intense. Your gasping for breath as I change to the paddle, don’t want Mistress to hurt her hand, now do you? Wetness on my thighs tells me you’re ready

Third Kink Eating cum.

Eating cum off of my foot , to be exact. You are such a naughty fuck, teasing you all day as we are out and about. My tender foot tormenting My horny cock. Then the second of the three kinks your spanking sends you so deep into subspace I have you right where I need you. Kneeling before me, pleasuring my pussy, how I say and for as many orgasms as I say. Swimming in your submission exhausted but happy. I put you back on your heels. Ass on those heels. Spread those knees, as my naked foot pushes them aside. Once again their ascent up your thigh, and I feel you tremble as my foot slides up underneath that hot sack. You shiver, knowing I have no qualms of placing a firm hard slap to them. Second foot slides up, using both of my feet to push, pull, stroke. Teasing you into oblivion, with my words and my pretty feet.

I tell you: You are going to cum all over my feet pet, and then  you will lick them clean.

Yes Mistress
Please Mistress
More Mistress

Are you my three kinks one sub, sub?

Until We chat ????

Mistress Erika