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Today’s entry is FROM “Lacey”. A long time closeted sissy dreaming of the following…. Enjoy!


Stan went online to research for strict Mistresses who coerced feminization and he came across a beautiful Goddess. Her pictures would have been enough to cum to and move on, but he wanted to take it one step higher. Her creamy skin, big brown eyes, luscious lips, jet black shiny hair, beautiful round breasts, long smooth legs, and a demeanor that would make any submissive melt. So he reached out to her and they went over how they would meet and the rest is history.

The Meeting

Sissy Lacey

Sissy Lacey Transformation

Stan walked into the hotel lobby and saw a girl at the front desk by the name of Lindsey. She immediately greeted him a bright smile and fluttering eyes.

“Hi my name is Lacey and I need the key to room 303” Stan felt the heat rise to his face, the blush he felt intensified as  Lindsey’s smile suddenly disappeared and was quickly disappointed that Stan was not the man she thought he was.

She handed him the key with a slight giggle and pointed him to the elevator as she exclaimed “sad” underneath her breath. Stan was beyond ashamed , his heart thudding hard against his chest. He thought the hard part was over- or so he thought. He entered the room and a note read: DRESS UP ACCORDINGLY AND WE WILL BEGIN IN THE BEDROOM. WHAT YOU WEAR WILL JUDGE THE REST OF THE WEEKEND.

Stan knew what that meant, so he got naked and put on matching bra and panties with pantyhose, a plaid skirt, blouse, short wig, and heels. He walked to the bedroom and his Mistress shouted “STOP! Look at yourself at the mirror and pick up the Polaroid camera and take a picture of yourself. Stan complies obediently.

Mistress’ voice booms out again…”Now ask yourself, do you think what you’re wearing is passable as a female? Without really waiting for Stan’s reply she quipped: The answer you’re looking for is, no!”

She got up walked towards him and grabbed his throbbing cock—“Well at least we know this is turning you on,” as her lips curled in a sneer “Get naked!”

The Transformation

Before we start, I asked you to bring 3 tubes filled with your cum, place them in the fridge. Without fail, Stan has done so but was very curious what/how they will be used.

Naked and in front of his Mistress she looked at him and nods her head- “Do you think a woman looks like you do?
Not in shape, hairy, and cock dangling?  Let’s have you put this on” as she hands a full latex suit from neck to ankle to wrist. She directed him to place his cock into a slit that hides his boy parts completely as he is completely tucked.

The ass had a large phallic like appendage that was slipped into his ass but did not act like a plug…it simply conformed to his body. His legs and arm suddenly appeared slimmer and his stomach completely tucked in and the tits were enormous, “size G” Mistress sharply stated.

His back immediately felt the weight of those enormous breasts,  looking down he couldn’t even see his toes , let alone his cock. He reached over and noticed the bodysuit had pussy lips and a whole. “Don’t be alarmed if you can’t feel it, I slathered a numbing cream that will help you lose all sensation for the next 48-72 hours and if you need to use the restroom you’ll have to sit like a proper lady.”

She placed a choker around his neck the hide the latex against the neck and say him down next to mirror. She placed green contacts into his eyes, applied mascara, eyeliner, shaped his eyebrows, put on a tight hairnet, shiny glitter red lipstick, blush, perfume, and a big luscious blonde wig with curls.

With a certain sparkle in her eye, and handing him a red and black lingerie set: thong, lace bra, and garter belt. “Oh, and you’ll need these too” with a snicker. she draped the black fishnet stockings draped over his arms. Finishing it off an ultra short tight black dress, and lastly 7” platform heels.

“Now walk over to the mirror like a slut would, start posing and take a few provocative photos and tell yourself that this is how sluts dress.”
Stan couldn’t believe how different he looked and didn’t see any of his manhood left.

“Now for the final touch, bend over!” Stan was beyond compelled to do so without arguing as she placed a large bejeweled plug deep into him—“from this moment on you are Lacey…well until the end of the weekend”.

Night Out

One thing Stan definitely said NO to while negotiating this tête-à-tête , was going out dressed up and talking to guys.

Mistress found a loophole in this “limit” and told Lacey that they will be going to a local lesbian bar where he will be introduced as Lacey the lesbian transgender with a fanny.

He didn’t want to do this but being high from her sissy transformation , and that delightful butt plug connected through an app few painful zaps. “What is it sissy, you said you wanted to be feminized, to be my ultimate bimbo bitch. Stop being such a pussy, you didn’t say the word, and Mistress gives her gurl a few more corrective zaps. No word was spoken and soon  he begged for her to stop and agreed.

They went downstairs where they walked a few feet apart and right as they were passing Lindsey who didn’t recognize Stan as first, Mistress yelled across the lobby—“Stan! I forgot your purse here you go!!”

As she handed him a pink furry purse in front of a room full of men and women along with Lindsey who shook her head in disgust. “I can’t let you go without your slut stash!” Mistress opened it wide showing the contents inside to anyone who cared to see. The purse contained condoms, lube, lipstick, a vibrator, and a pink cellphone.

He has never felt so embarrassed, that is until Mistress Gleefully corrected herself  “Oh I’m sorry, I mean Lacey!”.

Feeling all the eyes upon her Lacey makes it to the bar, where Mistress told him immediately that she will receive messages with her assignments and she disappeared.

Some took pity on the Lacey and smiled back. Men smirked.

After doing so, Lacey received  another text.


In the bathroom was a tall woman applying her makeup and gave Lacey a look. “You must be the lesbian sissy. On your knees in that stall!”….

Lacey felt her stomach drop along with the rest of her body, to her knees…………

The rest of Lacey’s tale is quite the steam fest. I’ll be happy to share it with you, in your feminization session!

Until We Chat ????

Mistress Erika