Hello fellow pervs! Today’s Unusual Masturbation post is perfect for a fuckalicious Friday! Now, I’ve instructed the owners of hot and horny cocks to stimulate their fuck-stick in a lot of ways! Ways they most certainly wouldn’t if alone. But what brings a smile to my face (other than controlling that naughty cock!) Is finding out about your intimate, private masturbation play. The people over at Enchantrix Empire are awesome and are always up to share a bit of their naughty habits, so let’s take a look.

Unusual Masturbation Poll

Unusual masturbation

How kinky do you get with your unusual masturbation?

I listed some naughty ways I’ve known men to masturbation , outside of the typical up and down stroking. Even some ways I’ve had them masturbate for me! Are you surprised by any of the results? I think a guy who is able to put aside convention, and be kinky and naughty with his cock is HOT! I’m attracted to intelligence and I feel it is a sign of a wickedly creative and intelligent mind to play in many ways!

Do you see anything on this list that you’ve tried?
How did that “go” for you?
Is it sexier when Mistress commands your naughty masturbation or are you a self starter?

Ther is one pretty unusual and fun way, above and I wonder if you’ve heard of it. Splooshing or  food play. From soft and sensual, licking cream off of erect nipples to JOI and edging while your penis is being tossed in and out of an apple pie! Do you think splooshing is unusual? Have you tried food play?

Other Comments on Unusual Masturbation

Of course my poll included the ability to leave comments. I haven’t mentioned the pseudonyms to protect the filthy dirty perverts.????????
Of course they are more than welcome to “out themselves” here.

Humped a pillow (for me!)
Fleshlight is a favorite for a couple of folks, one who has already “worn out” several!
Humping the bed/mattress
Bubble wrap
Sex Dolls
Anal play only

Another fantastic result of my query has me smiling all day! One sexy pervert , because of my list and suggestion of the shower massager tried it for the first time! “Crossing the shower massager off the list, worked better than I thought”

Now, pets. When I tell you I was pleased and aroused at finding out this naughty one took a suggestion and now has added shower massage to the masturbation option, I am being 100% honest! It’s my pleasure, honor and thrills me to no end to explore kinky ways to have fun!

Kinky Masturbation

As you can see, there’s a lot of fun to be had over at Enchantrix Empire. Where we accept you for you, and you can share your kink and MORE. We realize “we are not our kink” and people are multidimensional. You can find our members sharing their humor, music, blogs and more!  If you are a member at Enchantrix Empire you probably know who left what comment above. If you are NOT a member, well maybe  you need to be!

Do you have a kinky way you masturbate that may be unusual? Share it with me!
Email me, if it’s R rated. If you can keep it PG13 post below!

Until We Chat????

Kink Mistress Erika