Short and Sweet Today!

Hello, pets. Thank you to everyone who participated in my birthday celebration. Many of you spoiled me with attention, sessions and sweet well wishes! Thank you! I appreciate you and what you bring to my table!

Now, as I have promised the winners for my birthday fun!

As a reminder my birthday post indicated:

There will be 4 Winners this month!

Grand Prize: –     1 caller will win- 20 Minutes  of sexy texting/email/private message time/voice over skype (whichever non phone contact you would like)
                             No Minimum purchase

1st Runner up –  2 callers will win -10 Free minutes No minimum purchase

2nd Runner up  -1 caller will receive 5 minutes added to your session. Ten Minute paid minimum So your ten minute call just turned into 15, 15 turns to 20

The winners are as follows. I do have their permission to use initials or pet names.

Grand Prize 20 min sexy texting C
1st Runner Up 10 Free Min(2 callers) Nora Pee Wee
2nd runner up, additional 5 added to your ten min minimum Slave

I’ve notified the winners, and submitted the information to dispatch, all you have to do when  you call is to mention you are a WINNER and that you have X amount of free time WITH ME! Congratulations!

Get Naked

Strip, kneel , Obey

Now for some September fun!

Get Naked For Us is our site of the month. We are having a STROKE A THON that I want YOU to sign up for! Can’t attend? Sign up anyway to show your adoration, devotion and appreciation for me and all I do for my naughty dedicated pets!

That’s all for now, chat at ya later!

Mistress Erika