Hello My lovely pets, fans and lookie loo’s Mistress is finally taking a bonafide vacation! I have not taken time like this in almost two years. 7 fantastic days sailing the high seas! No long weekend, not an afternoon off, nope! But, I will be unplugged, unable to see email, twitter and the like.

October 2-8th returning on the 9th!

My schedule the week before will be adjusted a bit. Have to get a mani pedi , some shopping and of course a COVID test to be able to sail. I know some of you who know what I’m doing has expressed concern for going on such an adventure at this time. I had booked the vacation back when covid numbers were falling. Expecting them to keep dropping! But best laid plans and all, can you say “Fucking delta variant!?”

But don’t fret about me, I think all will be just fine! I’m fully vaccinated. The protocol for sailing is negative covid test within two days of sailing, the ship needs to be 95% vaccinated! Lets not mention all the germaphobe behaviors I’ve adopted in the last twenty months! Mask , and sanitizer and most of all keeping your hands off of stuff! Ha ha! Sometimes I’ll even walk around, with my arms folded. No , I”m not angry just making sure I don’t ooh and ahh over something “shiny” and be compelled to touch! ha!

Although I’ll be gone that first week of Locktober, doesn’t mean you are off the hook! If you are participating in my locktober fun, then you have your assignment for when I’m gone!

For those pets who are not chastity pets, or those new to me I would love if you took a peek at The Weekly Hot Spot, pick an episode or two and leave a review! If not there, here!

I would also love to hear your input on future episodes! We love your inspiration!

So, be well, be happy and looking forward to more fun when I return!