Here’s a little secret for you. I’m a morning person! For years, I woke up early five-six am on average. Even now 8 months after  not having a set schedule I have to adhere to, I still rise before the Sun. Well, most days anyway! So, wouldn’t it be fun to Wake up Sexy with me? Wake up sexy calls are good for your health and fun!

Morning Wood

Come on guys that morning wood is so hard and you wake up ready and roaring to go, why waste it? I’m up already so let’s arrange a sexy morning call.  Ring Ring, and you pick it up: ‘helo’ in that ruff morning voice. Hi sexy, did you sleep well? If you and I talk often just hearing my voice will give

Wake Up Sexy

Wake Up Sexy

you a twitch and remind you, who’s in charge.I purr into your ear:  This is your sexy wakeup call. I’ve been thinking of you, and having a sexy dream. Want to hear it?

Turning onto your back allowing my soft whispers guide you, guide your cock for an early morning stroking session!

Reasons for A Wake Up Sexy Call

Are you in training? What better way to start your en-femm day than with us choosing your outfit,  and giving  you lessons for the day.

I find extreme edging and repeated trial runs help with achieving you cum eating goals. Getting those feel good hormones flooding your brain over and over throughout the day.  Getting started first thing by edging, go over the lesson plan and finish with a session where you will be eating  your own cum. Contact me today for your one day of intense cum eating instructions aimed to help you achieve your goal in one day.

On a business trip and have precious alone time? Let’s really rock and roll like we can’t when you are home! Just add a bit of time, in the morning for getting ready for work for our sexy call.

I recently had a blast with a new sub all day long. Started with a session in the morning. Getting to know one another. Someone wanting desperately to please me ???? and running errands, very special sexy errands!

A quick call in the middle of the day, him panting and edging with me on the phone, to tell me how he is doing with his tasks. That was the surprise call! He couldn’t last until that evening before he heard my voice again! (always good for points!)  Of course, I didn’t pass up the opportunity to tease him and torment him a bit more on that surprise call!  We wrapped up the day, just in time, with an explosive good time.

Make a Wake Up Sexy Appointment

Email me, tell me your naughty thoughts what time you need your wake up call!  We can discuss the topic of conversation when you wake up sexy!

Now, be reasonable. Don’t email me at midnight and want a six am call!    LOL.
Please give at least 24 hours notice to set up and have your first Wake Up Sexy Call!