Ways Men Submit is today’s topic. But why do men want to submit? Well , when you call a Dominant Woman looking for a Femdom experience you are seeking a a place in your mind and body which you cannot attain without their help. You can masturbate and orgasm on your own, having fantasies about beautiful women taking control. About being owned and controlled.  But aside from a brief moment of pleasure which satisfies your biological directive it leaves you wanting. You are looking to submit to be whisked away to another state of consciousness. To feel transported to a place a space in your mind where you are the puppet awaiting my control.  The effects of our play, the subspace  you crave, washes away the day to day and with hyper focus and delightfully kinky ways we exist if only for a brief time in space and time in the cosmos doing the dance of the Dom and sub. But how do we get there? That my darlings is a fantastic subject for us to talk about today.

What Gets You To Subspace

Some of you already know the answer to this question and it’s great when you call and communicate the same to me. Others of you, well, that’s why you call. You have an urge and a desire to submit , or perhaps you think it’s all good kinky play? Together we explore all the delicious tools at my disposal and find which combination of sensations and erotic play does it for you! The important thing to remember is everyone is different. Just because I introduce a new way to play and it does “nothing” for you, doesn’t mean you are bad or wrong. This is why I find playing with you, uniuqe and utterly satisfying for me. Learning your hot buttons, conditioning others.

Bitch Paddle

Slap that ass

Impact Play

Traditionally in a BDSM scene the rituals  and impact play is what does it for some.From OTK (Over the knee spanking) , caning, floggers and more. Creating the pain which hurts soooooOooo good!  The chemicals and hormones released by your body during our play is what drives your submission deeper and deeper.

Feminization As A Form Of Domination

Not all feminization clients are into submission but a great deal are.  Your stress evaporates and  subspace envelopes your mind at the thought of Mistress coercing you into panties, or more. Perhaps a surprise exposure, catching you in my panties. Or taking you out on a dress up date, like I’ve done with Ms Lola’s Sissy dress up boutique.

Men Submit To Dominant Women Through Cock Control

Cock control

Control the cock control the man

Men Submit Their Cocks to Dominant women in many ways. There is orgasm control which can consist of edging, ruined orgasm, denial and chastity. Playing with your biological directive, turning over the control to me is extremely submissive.

Humiliation Domination

Humiliation can be applied in any Femdom scene, including  all of the above! It’s a matter of application. The interesting thing about humiliation is that it is usually specific, or “type” of humiliation someone is turned on by. There are many types of erotic humiliation. What gets your juices flowing? SPH Small penis humiliation, coerced bi? Perhaps you are a naughty F and like to go on assignments and humiliate yourself in public? These and many other types of erotic humiliation can be in play, in our play!

How Do You Submit

What ways do you dream of submitting to a beautiful Dominant Woman? Within all of the above broad subjects are the specific details which make our connection and our play unique. Exploring your mind, your sexuality is what turns me on. Why not turn me on today? Check out my schedule and I will look forward to connecting with you soon!

Until We Chat ????

Dominant Woman Erika