Hello pets, fans and assorted naughty kinksters! Today I want to address your absence. You know we had a lot of fun playing with the kink you bring to my table,  but life sometimes takes turns we don’t expect. I get that. Add to the mix of COVID and well many lives have been turned upside down! It has been a difficult year for many.

Now with old man winter really giving the USA a big spiked dong right up the bunghole, I know it is difficult to find that special time to connect! But aside from our recent difficulties there are other factors at play, that I will address today.

Refractory Period Of Kink

In addition to 2020’s kibosh on our kinky lives there is what I refer to as the refractory period of kink. You guys are familiar with this, right? That period of time after orgasm where “you are done”, you stop the porn or (In session) hurriedly hang up without a goodbye! I never really did get too annoyed if you’ve done that, and mostly just chuckle to myself. After all how much effort does it take to say “Thanks Erika , bye!” ????????

I get it tho, with that orgasm our kinky play doesn’t hold as much interest. This holds true for your kinky desires, if not more so.

It’s true the longer you go between orgasms, the hornier you are the less inhibited you feel and behave. I exploit that hormone fogged condition to our mutual satisfaction!  However once that O hits there are a lot of conflicting feelings that come rushing back in. I’m not saying that it is a must, but it is very common.  It is one reason why I hear a lot of nervous giggles or laughing when you orgasm. All that pent up energy it provides an additional release of energy. Not to mention with that fog cleared I’m sure many of you say to yourself “WTF did I JUST “DO” , or WTF did I just SAY” ????????????????.

There is some truth to the adage “True Domination Starts After The Orgasm”. It’s all fun and kinky until SOMEONE CUMS! ????


Very few of us have unlimited funds for having fun! Myself included.I understand you may save up for your session and that I am your guilty pleasure. So if you need a few weeks or even months to save enough to have some special time with me I understand! It actually makes me feel very special that you have an “Mistress Erika” fund!

You can still interact with me outside of session. I’m on twitter everyday, and I also stop by Enchantrix Empire! Of course pleasing me with comments on my blog posts are always titillating!

There are ways you can save by using some of our kinky options. Enchantrix Empire you gain points for activity, you can cash in those points for a free call! We have a rate my call option, as well as Enchantrix Perks! Most of these have been covered on my blog: Please Read Mistress Erika’s Tips On Great Phone Sex

All Good

I may be a Dominant Woman, and even a Mean Mistress when needed but those two aspects doesn’t mean I’ll treat you “meanly” if you return from a long absence. So if you’ve been out of touch for a week, month , year or longer I do not want you to hesitate ONE moment to connect with me again. I will be here , with open arms and welcome you back with a smile!

Until We Chat ????

Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika