What’s your guided masturbation style? Didn’t realize there was a style? Absolutely. Although everyone brings their own uniqueness, I’ve identified three major categories of strokers. Take this quick quiz, only 7 questions, and let’s see where you fall on the stroker continuum. Take note of how many A’s, B’s, and C’s you accumulate. When considering your answer try to think of what you usually do and desire to do.
You do not have to have actually “done it”. After all, your fantasy counts, at (duh) Intelligent Phone Fantasy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let’s have some fun! ๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿ˜˜

1- What type of session do you prefer?ย 
A- Sexy Texting Sessions
B- Phone/Voice over skype
C- I Wanna Wiggle Wiggle On Cam!

2- Are you a stroker butterfly?
A – I have a favorite Mistress
B-ย  I have a close circle of favorite Mistresses
C-I love fapping with all/many of the sexy Mistresses

3- Do you enjoy a variety of toys when you masturbate
A- I can’t/don’t have any toys
B-ย  Does a rubber pussy count
C- Hell Yes, I could open a store! Whatcha need

4- When introducing yourself to a new Mistress, which statement fits you best
A- Up, down nothing fancy and I sometimes enjoy playing with numbers (Count downs/ups, tally of strokes/edges, challenges)
B- I like a good time, I’m up for a bit of experimenting, Learning new masturbation techniques, and puttingย  a smile on your face, Mistress
C- Fuck me all the way up Mistress! Control, torment, make me forget how to spell my name

5- When you masturbate with Mistress
A- In bed, lights off, staring at xxx on my phone, with a hand under the covers/on mah dick
B- Freewheeling and free ball-in, Mistress I’m here for your pleasure.
C- String me up,ย  tie me down. Pump me crazy, where do you want me, I’m your puppet

6- Naughty Mastabatory ย Accoutrements And habits
A- Huh?
B- Oh I love to google a subject and sift through gifs, check out some vids. Might connect with Mistress
C- It starts with surfing my favs, getting all slutty and sexy with my intimates,ย  and of course, I must play with Mistress

7- When you negotiate a guided masturbation session
A- I love the teasing /playing with my fetish I want an orgasm at the end
B- I like orgasm edging and told not to cum and that I must hold it longer, ruined or full orgasm, please
C- What? ๐Ÿ˜•You own this twitching trouser slut stick, Mistress, you get to say when it cums.

Add up how many A’s B’s and C’s you have.

Mostly A’s

Newbie Stroker! You’re a new stroker. I don’t mean new stroker as in you haven’t stroked your own cock, But new to Guided Masturbation Phone Sex. Or you are one of the stoic/reserved/shy strokers. Newbies and shy often present the same. Either way newbie or shy, you’re always respectful if not a bit awkward. That’s ok. I’m used to nervous pets, and to be honest, I adore them! I love gently teasing you and pulling you out of your shell. I have more than one review which shares exactly this. How I was able to put them at ease and have a great time.

Just when you begin to relax and open up is when the fun will begin! I always respect boundaries. I have a variety of clients and this might surprise you, but not all of them are submissive! I KNOW! RIGHT? (laughs)

Mostly B’s

Hot Shot Stroker! Mostly B’s you are probably the majority of the sexy playmates I get to have some fun with. You have an adventurous spirit and firm boundaries. Well, you did have firm boundaries. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Oh, relax I’m not talking about anything nefarious just evolving. I have had more than one guided masturbation fan expand their boundaries, and try new things. Even some have come to realize how submissive they truly are. I tend to inspire curiosity in those I play with. Celebrating the milestones, guiding you through new experiences, stimulating experiences! Progression from one to the next is slow and easy, it’s not until you look back on our time together, comparing where you are now to where you are now is mind-blowing!

Mostly C’s

Stroker Slut 1-800-601-6975 , 18+ guided masturbation

Stroker Slut


Slut Stroker! Wild adventurous you love it when I treat you like a horny gooning, stroking slut! You’re usually up for anything, including extreme edging and exploring what an obedient pet you can be! Typically smart and successful your time with me takes you away from the high stress of your everyday life.

Your Guided Masturbation Style

I have fun with all of you! Guided masturbation is one of my favorite types of sessions. For a more in-depth assessment of your guided masturbation style, reach out for a session, texting and email packages are included. Since this is a new year, let’s make some stroking goals for 2023!

Until We Chat ๐Ÿ’‹
(and you stroke!)

Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress, Erika

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