What is your sissy identity? You might be saying to yourself, Erika I’m not a sissy! Okay well then you come over here sit on this stool at my feet and list as I talk about some fun ways people express their sissy self! You don’t have to WANT to be a sissy, to enjoy! So if you are a sissy, sissy wanna be or just love to hear me talk, read/listen on! *wink*

Frilly Sissy

Crinoline satin dresses, puff sleeves and Mary Jane’s. You just can’t get enough can you? You’re adorable and you know it. Those pouty lips need just one thing, don’t they? That’s right , this frilly sissy loves to please cock! Jennifer has sent me pictures and I have to say, on top of being a frilly sissy, she’s a big titty filly sissy. Her huge size titties which are officially -holy-fuck-ball-size are certainly memorable! She’s quite proud of all of her skills, and have her full approval to out her on this blog! Take charge “alpha” by day and huge slut by night. Jennifer , once you’ve met her , you’ll never forget her! Her smile, is what is most stunning though. She’s so happy being her sissy self her smile really radiates it!

Sissy Identity

Sissy Identity 1-800-601-6975 Sissy Mistress Erika

Sissy Identity Husband

Is your sissy identity that of a dutiful husband but dressed en femme at home or during very special times? Cross dressers may or may not identify as a sissy or as a sissy husband but there is no mistaking your love of female dress. That’s the important part , right? Right! LOL

Cross dresser or sissy husband you’ve been gathering a few pieces at a time. You’ve amassed quite the sissy collection. Casual but classic is your style. We’d have such fun shopping for sissy clothes together! I’d love to hear about your first dress up play , while we shop for something cute for the holiday’s! How about a new pair of ankle boots too! Sissy husbands are so much fun!

Your Sissy Identity

I can go on for days about all the ways to have fun with sissies! But what I really want is to hear your story! Everyone’s story is different , special and unique and I revel in your stories! Don’t hold out on me now. Whisper them in my ear!

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