Hello tiny man fantasy lovers! Well for those of you who are regulars to my blog, you might not have thought of the tiny man fantasy before, but I urge you to give it a go! There are wide and varied options to this fantasy and next time you buckle down for your favorite Femdom spank bank materiel floating around in your mind consider imagining yourself in one of these situations! Let’s play!

Tiny Man Fantasy

Giantess Fantasy

What’s your Giantess Fantasy?

But what is a tiny man fantasy? Macrophilia simply put, means lover of large. That could mean you are a petite fella, and are drawn to statuesque woman much taller, perhaps 5’10” then adding heels certainly gives some the tingles.

Strong Powerful Women In Charge is the substructure to the Macrophilia kink. The above, would be a real life example of that tiny man/Giantess scenario. More often however, the Macrophile imagines a larger size differential, and leaps from the “possible” to the very kinky and hot, impossible! That means you might be 2″ tall and running from my enormous feet. Or I grow to sky scraper height. Over the years I’ve heard of a lot of tiny man fantasies and I am going to tease you with some of them this month. Two for you today, and read to the end, because I want to her from  you!

Giantess Garden

This idea is from Lexi a lovely gurl known to probably everyone at the Empire! She’s generous and fun and loves to help the Mistresses with their tasks! When she found out we were going to feature the Giantess fantasy she teased me with a fantasy idea! I thought it would be fantastic to include her submission which I’ve italicized and adding my energy and Mistress touch to the scene! I think it is fun and gives you an idea what happens in session! You don’t have to have a fully thought out fantasy, just come as you are and we can build it together.

The sky was bright blue with thick puffy mountains of clouds, certainly hinting at the tropical afternoon downpours to come. With pink shorts and a Bikini top, a wide brimmed hat to keep the Florida sun out of my eyes. As Ms Erika wandered to her garden. Kneeling to gather some items for a fresh snack I see something scamper behind an eggplant. I’m thinking it’s an errant palmetto bug, after all the grow ’em big down here!

As I went about inspecting  the rest,  I see “it again”, darting north up the row of peas,I stand and with one large step block this bugs egress.What do we have here! My voice booms as you ran, then bouncing off  the side of my flip flop. What are you doing here in my garden, tiny thing? I quickly slap my cupped palm over you, like I do with the lizards on my lanai. Grabbing a handful of garden soil along with your two inch self, rolling around my hand covered in dirt.

You like my garden little one? As I raise you to my face, the force of my breath washes over you, smelling of sweet tea with a hint of peppermint.  It’s amazing what you perceive when you are only two inches tall.  With your strongest and loudest voice you scream up into my giant face: Please I mean you no harm, I’m just a traveler and in need of some food, surely  a tiny one like me can’t do so much harm to M’lady’s garden?

You scramble to your feet and deeply bow in deference. My loud voice booms down: Since I found you nipping on my food You Will Have To Learn A Lesson , I quickly tied them to the chicken wire.To use as scarecrows and torment them with the hose teaching them a lesson not to mess with her things.

Foot Worshiping Tiny Man

I know all about your kinky fantasies, and as luck would have it I met a mystical lady at the traveling carnival, this past weekend. She said she had a potion for everything, backache, cramps, revenge potions where the unsuspecting target is left with a twitching eye, or a persistent scent vinegar in their nose. I felt a kinship with her, and told her about you. “Of course my Dalllhking, I can do that YES!  . So I then conspired, and what transpired left me holding your desires in a small amber bottle, sealed with an eye dropper. “one or two will

After dinner and as we enjoy a cocktail, of course a cocktail I prepared for you, that contained the potion I wait.

It’s been a long day darling, how about you give my pretty feet some attention. You can’t  move quickly enough, when you hear my request. You know what starting with a foot massage means. I lay back my feet propped up on your lap, your fingers worship my sweet feet I drift on a sensual cloud of  pleasure. With the soft sound of my breath, in and out, your hyper focus and subsequent arousal that comes when you massage my feet, you feel a bit out of sorts. almost as if you were looking in a funhouse mirror, ripples and waves ebb and flow , my feet seem to throb and grow.

Your mind reeling, body tingling you think for a moment you feel asleep and this is but a dream. My feet getting bigger and bigger now the size of your torso, a bead of sweat appears on your brow…… you look up  at me and a tingle of fear runs through you like a bolt of lightning….. it’s not my feet, it’s not a dream……… I’m HUGE…….. but as your confused whirling mind glances around you feel your stomach drop , the blood drain from your face as you see it’s not the world getting larger…… it’s…. you……. Getting smaller………

More Macrophilia Fun!

I’m going to be featuring little snippets of Giantess themed fantasies all month, if you want me to consider yours just email me Erika@EnchantrixEmpire.com. In the mean time listen to some of the fun we had recently on The Weekly Hot Spot, with the lovely Ms Olivia of Experienced Mistress and the sexy Ms Brighton of Enchantrix Tease and what we had to say about the Tiny Man Fantasy!

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The Weekly Hot Spot. The Giantess And Tiny Man

Your Assignment is to listen to the podcast and answer these questions included at the end.

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Until we chat ????

Giantess Erika