Why do you need chastity? Because you have these feelings. Submissive feelings. You have been exploring those submissive feelings through a variety of play.  Chastity is just another  one of them. I know some of you are reading this and going “no way” “Fuk dat!” and what I have to say in return is: What are you afraid of, big boy. Let’s explore Femdom Chastity and how it can benefit your submissive journey.

Femdom Chastity

Femdom Chastity is based on female superiority, and aims to train your mind and your body to submit further than you ever have before. Increasing feelings of submissiveness, trust and devotion. It also aids you truly feel owned.

Small Penis Lock Up


You Need Chastity

YouyouDo you have a small penis? Have you’be been hooked on SPH(small penis humiliation) and other forms of humiliation. We know your little appendage is not going to interest women even in its full couple inch glory. Sure you receive pleasure from your orgasm,but who else enjoys it? No one, you’re better off locking it up, and learning to please me in other ways. From orally serving my feet, legs, ass etcetera. Assorted tasks , geared to teach you and please me. Sounds like fun, right? Yea, you are not meant to be boyfriend material, fuck husband material. The only way you are going to feel connected with a beautiful woman is to submit yourself and be owned by one.

Chastity for Erotic Play

Chastity just like any other play in the D/s universe is negotiated. Perhaps we agree to play for a day, three days or a week.  Sometimes the terms are “Lock me up, do as you will, unlock and allow release as you please”.  Pretty common , too. Particularly when there is a great deal of trust involved. Trust your Mistress will lead you down a path of not only self discovery but a new way of handling challenges. Pretty common for men to use orgasm and masturbation as a stress relief. Now that has been taken away you are motivated to use the huge brain of yours to develop other coping mechanisms. Your may have new and overwhelming submissive feelings to handle.

You Need Chastity Long Term

Once we’ve accustomed your mind and body to the cage and My control, some find it so amazing on a number of levels that they want to try longer term chastity. Month even months of lock up. There is a euphoria and focused to detail transformation that occurs with many in LT chastity. Making men more submissive, If you’ve ever wanted to worship, appreciate all things feminine (No  not to BE feminine, necessarily) then once in your life you need to try LT chastity. Come on guys, your cock (I know) has been your best bud for a long time, providing endless amounts of amusement. Why  not mature, grow as a man and what it is to BE a man outside of your naughty stick. It’s life changing.

So dear readers, are you ready to try chastity? I’d love to journey with you in 2019 with your chastity play; erotic, long term or otherwise. Even if you are just curious and just want to discuss the subject more in depth you owe it to yourself to call me.

Don’t forget we have the 12 days of Decadence and my Sexy Anniversary celebration to help motivate you to that call.

Until we chat ????

Chastity Mistress Erika