Hello, fans and welcome to Your Dick is My Business post. Why is your dick my business? Well, for one reason it’s because you WANT IT TO BE SO. You see, I know a few truths…….
Truth 1: Men preoccupy themselves with thoughts of sexy women being interested in, and playing with their dick.
Truth 2: When men are out of their minds “horny” they become kinky fucks!

So far, you on board? Any, defectors? Anyone want to debate these “truths” with me? *scans room* Yea, thought not. Look it’s nothing to be ashamed by. Mother Nature made you a certain way, it is what it is. Instead of trying to deny it (and you aren’t) or hide it, it’s time to use these truths for our mutual benefit.

Your Dick

The typical vanilla guy has thoughts of bj’s, hand jobs and lots of fucking. Oh yea, fucking in every position possible. In his fantasies he’s the stud, his dick is able to last and last and last….. as long as she needs him to, for Her pleasure. Perhaps a best friend “surprises them” and walks in on their lovemaking and “just decides to join”. But don’t you see something interesting here? Even in a vanilla scenario, he needs to please Her. You see where I’m going.


Your Dick is My Business

My Business

So, a lot of what I do for My business, My Phone Sex business, is to explore with you your vanilla thoughts and fantasies as well as your kinky ones. Even the most “vanilla guy” can have their most taboo, and erotic thoughts and feelings teased from him at opportune times. How do I know this? It’s My business to know. When you provide a safe, welcoming space where people are encouraged to explore. When you are encouraged and rewarded for exploration you might be surprised where your journey finds you.

Your Dick is My Business

When you call me, you are my primary focus. Learning about you, what makes you tick. Where your current (yes I said it: CURRENT) boundaries are, and put that information to good use. I am not a bimbo giggly girl Ohh and ahhhh-ing out of the gate, and assuming what you may want. Sure a gal can mesmerize you, enchant you with visuals of her soft velvety folds. If you want that, sure not a problem. I can provide

But your time and your call can be so much more than a “oh oh yea fuck me baby oh yeaaaaa” scenario. Taking control, taking control of that dick pushing those boundaries is why you call LDW, it’s why you call me! I want to know you. Taking that information about what makes you tick, and using it to propel you to places images and thoughts you may not have even considered . It’s why you call an Intelligent Femdom for your sexual exploration. Not only do I mesmerize and enchant with my sexy voice and visuals,  it goes far beyond that dick, to your mind.

Once you attract the dick, the mind follows. Follow me.

Until we chat????
Mistress Erika