Masturbation Habits

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Look guys, someone has to sit you down and talk with you for a minute about your masturbation habits. That’s right.   Were are talking about- draining the monster, yanking the crank, abusing the wicked stick, basting the ham, and my personal favorite (which applies to all) Rubbing one out!


How Your Masturbation Habits Can Hurt You

Do you only masturbate to porn? For some that may be a problem. There’s all this scientific psycho-physical stuff regarding desensitization and animals.  Desensitization is good when you want your dog to be calm during a thunderstorm but bad when it comes to your brain and your cock! I won’t bore you with the details, which you can read more about here  desensitization and masturbating to porn images. Suffice it to say , solely masturbating to porn can lead you down a erectile dysfunction road when you are being intimate with a real warm blooded person! It really is fascinating stuff, and you don’t need to pass an exam on desensitization to understand it.

Understanding Masturbation Habits and Desensitization

Wikipedia defines it as: In psychology, desensitization is defined as the diminished emotional responsiveness to a negative, aversive or positive stimulus after repeated exposure to it.  So, basically your mind gets so “high” on the highly erotic  images and nothing but the same or even more highly erotic images will make willy shoot the pudding! Your porn viewing will even take on a whole new meaning, searching for even more highly erotic images, and scenes your mind demanding that same easy ‘high’!

How To Improve Your Masturbation Habits

Change it up. That’s all.  Don’t use visual stimulus to masturbate. Fantasy or role playing with another human.  Start practicing explore your body, with your hands, with toys. Take that time to touch yourself, get in touch with your self.  No orgasm required! Tantric Masturbation may not be for everyone, but techniques from the same can help. Create an erotic story in your mind or , of course, call me to help you explore those fantasy stories!

Masturbation Manager

Depending on how addicted your mind is on porn, depends on your next steps. Having a period of Chasity, If you need help just reach out, tell me you need masturbation management, leave the decisions to me.  You enjoy your task schedule, and learning how to readjust your mind and body to  more rewarding self love sessions that won’t damper your performance in the bedroom!