Your masturbation and my vacation; I take a vacation and you get to occupy your time earning strokes for our next call. *eyebrow wiggle* Sounds like fun, hum? 

Great, so if all went well in the world, today is Monday November 5th and I’m off to parts unknown! Well, unknown to you, not to me!  Taking some time for a little bit of  Mistress R~N~R!

I know some of you will miss me terribly and I can’t lie: It makes me smile! For others, you might be here for some naughty fun! If you need to get caught up: check out Friday’s blog Erotic Vacation  and then let’s play!

Masturbation Fun

Ready for some masturbation fun? Keep track of your stroking points! In addition to the stroking points earned by not touching, and following me on social media (see below) you can also earn strokes by answering today’s trivia questions.

Today’s trivia questions are below, so you earn MORE of those precious strokes! Just go to the top of the page ^ click on the magnifying glass, and search my blog for the answers. 

3.Give me one reason why men want cock control

4. Give me one way you can avoid Funky Spunk Syndrome

Bonus 20 points : Describe for me a masturbation technique called: The handgina   

Bonus 30 points: How old am I?
( you may or may not find the answer on my blog 
???????? )

Remember: you can also earn….

  • Earn 20 strokes for each day you DO NOT TOUCH MY COCK!
  • Earn 10 strokes for each erotic trivia question answered correctly.
  • Earn 10 strokes for each comment* (One per blog) you make while I’m gone. Includes current and past blogs
  • Earn 10 strokes for following me on twitter and 2 strokes for each of my posts you share of mine the week I am gone

* newbies may need their comments approved, and I will approve when I get back, but they still count!

Until we chat ????

Tease Mistress Erika