Is  your sexuality is bad?  I certainly don’t think so. With a very few exceptions I have an open mind, and willing spirit to explore all things sexy, kinky and fun! I started here at LDW wanting to spread that sentiment, giving people a safe place to explore. If you haven’t heard already, Tumblr is banning adult content. The first line of their notification is exactly this: A better, more positive Tumblr.  

Yay, right? We all can use more positivity in our worlds! But wait?! What? No Adult (aka: Sexy) content? As they continue, with their notification it’s clear they think better equates to no adult content. Sure they do a pretty good job about halfway down and trying to backpedal and just say adult content is not the way the company wants to go. But in my experience, your first words/statements are your truth. The rest of what you might say is to make it more “PC” or “pablum for the masses”, a bit of a “song and dance” geared to save your overall “image”. I see through you.

Equating Sexuality with Negativity

The fact tumblr had to use words like “better and positive” to move away from adult content causes a good deal of consternation with me. I certainly don’t foster this sentiment, if you’ve connected with me on any level you know how I feel. 

Although Tumblrs change is going to require me to change, it is what it is. If tumblr feels allowing adult content is not the direction they want to take their company: Bully for them. But in the same breath to  call it a “BETTER” option. Is it “better” or just different. Humm?

Celebrating Sexuality Difference

For those looking for a positive experience, where your sexuality isn’t viewed as bad/negative and something to be shunned. If you are into a journey exploring your sexuality I suggest you take a look around Enchantrix Empire. We are comprised of a plethora of kink advisers on a multitude of subjects. Check our Mistress Line for a list of some of our specialties. 

We also offer a complete Phone Sex Library chocked full of all kinds of kinky articles, some instructional. Some fantasy. What are you interested in? Cum eating? Cock Control? Pantie play? Feminization? We even explore subject like Giantess (Macrophillia, fun!) , chastity and cuckolding. Perhaps you are exploring your bi-sexual urges? Even if those fantasies or needs involve humiliation, you are safe to explore with an experienced Humiliatrix.
Regardless of your interest, I’m sure we have something for you!

Finding a Safe Place

What you need, what we all need, is a safe place to explore our thoughts , our fantasies. You have that with me, with LDW/Enchantrix. Some of our Mistresses have their own podcasts where they educate, welcome and have fun with everything under the sun, including: SEX! Check out our cock radio line up and when they are on live during their podcasts, they open up the chat room for like minded, open minded, welcoming kinksters to chat among themselves as they collectively listen in! I’ve also been known to hop into our communtiy kink chatroom  when I can, and have some fun with you, the Mistress and subject at hand!

As always, we have our own kinky social network: Enchantrix Empire. Where you are welcomed, and supported by our community in many aspects of your life, not just the kinky side. I look forward to seeing you “Around the Empire”! Enchantrix Empire.

Sexuality is not bad.
Until We chat ????
Kink Mistress Erika
Your Sexuality Is Bad Per Tumblr