Your ultimate sissy feminization destination is The Enchantrix Empire! This Month Enchantrix Empire highlighted one of our many erotic sites: Sissy School! The Enchantrix Empire has been awash in all things girlie! Today I’m going to highlight how we are your ultimate sissy feminization destination and how you can take your feminization to new heights!

Sissy and Feminization

As I’ve discussed before, being a sissy includes a great deal of feminization. Although some who enjoy feminization are not sissy’s, every sissy is feminized! So that means transforming the outside to a more feminine appearance, but also transforming that mind to a sissy mindset. Just about all sissy’s I’ve encountered enjoy naughty play with dildos, strap-on girl cocks, or even the real , hot, throbbing cock! This is one of the activities which differentiate a sissy from  someone who wants to be feminized, like cross-dressers or trans girls.

Ultimate Sissy Feminization Destination

Here are just a few reasons why I say Enchantrix Empire is your ultimate feminization destination. You can find helps, and suggestions regarding your feminization along with our very own training options! If the training packages offered don’t suit your needs or budget, I’ll be happy to create a custom Sissy Feminization program just for you!

So let’s check out our  dedicated sites for Feminization and Sissy Transformations! Geared towards Feminization, which every sissy needs!

Sissy School :Our featured site of the month, with links to erotica and sissy programs as well

Get Girlie: Our Sissy forum where you can interact with Mistresses, other sissy’s and even hear voice samples, and fem teases!

Sissy Style Magazine geared towards creating and maintaining your sissy self! With helpful articles from the Enchantrix Mistresses on how to UP your sissy game!

Sissyville: Our Company blog, like sissy style where various Mistresses help you on your sissy journey , warning some of these post include naughty sissy play!

Mistress Blogs On Your Sissy Journey!

In addition to dedicated sites focusing on your sissy self , our Feminization Mistresses have more for you to peruse on their personal blogs! This year, for the FIRST TIME EVER, we held a sissy slumber party! If you missed it be sure to mention to your Mistress, if you want us to do another event, like this. Your encouragement is motivation for us!

Sissy Slumber Party– First event for live interaction with multiple Feminization Mistresses. March 19th some of the Mistresses hosted on discord a Sissy slumber party. Check out Mistress Ruby’s post on the sissy slumber party ! Be sure to check out each of the Mistresses blogs who participated for more sexy information about this event!

Other blogs  and sites highlighting Sissy Play

Ms Lilith asks Are You A Secret Sissy
Ms Cassandra celebrates Sissy School Month
Ms Hunter has a girls night out which sounds like so much fun!

More Sissy Feminization

Let’s not forget our Phone sex assignment store, and erotic audios! We have pre-made “out of the box” audios as well as where you can order your custom feminization audio. Check these sites out!

Navigating to our Phone Sex Audio store, and choosing the sissy category gives you TEN Pages of erotic sissy audios from the Enchantrix Mistresses! You’ll also find the Sissy Trance Affirmation Audio Olivia and I just put up!

Although I didn’t have a dedicated blog about Sissy’s this month (aside from this one)  the magnificent Mistress Olivia and I teamed up on a fantastic program for you! 30 Day Sissy Transformation, and we just added  a Sissy Trance Audio to the offer! Check out our Feminization Challenge and o

Sissy Who Loves Cock

You know you want to have some sissy fun!

ur Sissy Challenge, you can get the 30 days of sexy transforming tasks, or the bundle which includes the Trance Affirmation Audios!

Podcasts on feminization. Did you know the Enchantrix Empire has Sexy and fun Podcasts for you! is where you need to go! Many will touch on

Sissy and Feminization! Don’t forget to check out The Weekly Hot Spot, where yours truly and Mistress Olivia and I talk about sissy’s and feminization!

There’s no reason not to get In touch with your feminine side, we are your ultimate sissy feminization destination!

Until we Chat ????

Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika