52 Sexy Tease Tasks, A Year Of Fun With Mistress Erika!

Hello, Fans and Erika Addicts! Some naughty fucker was talking about how much they enjoyed our time together! They wish I could be “in their head” more!  They love my kinky sexy daring nature, some even enjoy my mean Mistress side, but there’s also my silly comedian side, my thoughtful and informative health tips, and even poking fun at our human condition! So that got my wheels turning, and I’ve been working diligently on this project just for you! What is it? Here you go:

Get your year started on the right stroke with 52 sexy tease tasks! I’ve created a 2024 interactive calendar filled to the BRIM with JOI instructions, new strokes, jokes and so much more! It’s a  year of fun with Me! It’s interactive because I’ve included links, and images and encourage your engagement with me! Let’s break it down!

18+ naughty imagesIntroducing My 2024 Sexy Tease Tasks Interactive Calendar

🔹52 Weeks and 52 Teases! Telling you how, or when, and sometimes how much you get to stroke and cum!
🔹Each week is different, sometimes we play games of chance to see if and how you can cum. There are even some “Free willy” weeks and denial weeks!
🔹6 of my favorite strokes sprinkled into the year, to make that cock cry tears of joy!
🔹4  Free Emails are included, and I tell you when you can update me! We can use email or Skype to catch up!
     Keep it respectful, informative, and fun; you’ll get five minutes of my time! That 20 minutes included with each purchase

And Drum Roll please…………the pièce de résistance

🔹12 JUST FOR YOU, Intimate private teases for calendar club members.
Each month I’ll post a not-before-seen calendar picture tease, audio, and who knows what my kinky mind might come up with,  on my private blog page, and you have the code to unlock the tease!

But There Is So Much More Than Sex & KINK 

Including my love of Cock Tease I give you a year of various kinky days. Sometimes with tasks, which include a fun celebration, like National Nude Day!  Or learning about other kinks and encouraging you to engage in thoughtful discussion and sharing!
This includes fun ways for us to engage on socials, I tell you how and when! I love to share and educate so there are also some interesting articles I’ve come across in my tenure that I like to explore with you! Like your sexual personality quiz that I encourage you to share with me!
You’ll also find some of my favorite jokes, sexy images, and fun trivia sprinkled throughout including a few special messages from me to you!


But Act Fast and purchase before December 31st 2023 and I’ll toss in a FREE 5-minute Custom Audio*

And because you act fast and purchase before 12/31 2023, I will make you a custom 5-minute erotic audio!

Wow, with all this fun, it must be expensive, how much is it, Mistress?

Glad you asked, if you add up all the experienced teases, skill, and dedication I have poured into this you will easily agree this is priceless!
Regular pricing for something of this magnitude would run you $149.99, but act fast and purchase before Jan 31, 2024, and you can get it for HALF price! That’s right $75.00 for a year of fun? Yes Please!
The product image gives you just a little tease of what you can expect! Of course, YOUR purchase will not have the blur, but how much fun will it be?
Once you purchase you will be prompted to download the interactive PDF file for your use, throughout the year!

Buy BOTH OF US a gift this holiday season, 52 Tease Tasks!

*after your purchase you will email me, introduce yourself, tell me a bit about you (if I don’t know you) and I’ll reply, with an ETA of your audio!

Sexy text teases 18+

Yes, it’s blurred as the sample! You’ll get the FULL MONTY!

But What If I Can’t Follow To The Letter, Of Your Tease

That’s ok by me if you are not under my direct control. I created this calendar to be used by you, however you see fit! You can learn about edging, or be pushed to edging boundaries you never thought you could. The different strokes ruined orgasms, and other erotic fodder is for you to utilize at your own pace! if you can’t do a particular task one week because of “LIFE” do it another week!  You can use this masterpiece as your little naughty motivation,  as inspiration for your otherwise solo, masturbatory life. It’s like I’m there in your head!

Hell, if you think of it “That way” This doesn’t have to be JUST a 2024 calendar, there are 52 weeks every year, just adjust accordingly. I feel this calendar is also a great way to get a taste of Mistress Erika! I know there are way more lurkers and dreamers out there than call me, so yeah this is my way of giving you a taste of what you are MISSING! (Is that mean? LOL)

But What If You Control Me? Do I Still Need This

*slow blink* Um… YES, YES….YOU DO! (short answer) 🤭

Of course, you do! At the introductory rate, it’s LESS than a 30-minute session, so I would hope you want to honor and support me in my endeavors, don’t you? Not to mention, we are already connected in sessions, we can take the calendar, and I’ll add or augment the week’s play! I don’t include CBT or some of the more ‘heady’ kinks, mainly focused on fun and masturbation, so if you are a sissy slut, a pain bitch, cum slut, you name it. I’ll pile on the KINK when we session! If you a humiliation slut, perhaps reviewing what real men get to do, while I giggle about what you are missing out on is JUST what you need and Deserve! Simply put, there’s a little sumtin sumtin for all!

The 2024 Calendar is just like me. Kinky clever and fun! Let 2024 be your sexiest and kinkiest year as we play together!

Until We Chat 💋

Your Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress,

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