Blurring The Line Between Sexual Fantasy And Reality is something I experience daily.  Hello, my sexy friends, did I get your attention with that introduction? Sexual fantasy mixing with reality? I used this phrase with someone recently and they were curious and asked for an explanation. What does it mean, to blur the lines?  Can we take your sexual fantasy and make it more real? Grab your favorite beverage and let’s have a bit of a chat! You know I love your comments, so don’t hesitate to chime in! I WANT you to be part of the conversation!

Sexual Fantasy Or Any Fantasy

Fantasy is the spice of life, and it’s also a very integral part of our (human) success. With my revamped profile for, I state that fantasy is to the mind as water is to the body. Necessary and nurturing. We are blessed with brains that can project, manipulate elements, and dream of things not in our immediate world. Think about it. Everything we enjoy in your modern world was once someone’s fantasy, at some point. So fantasy is a large part of our existence and that includes sexual fantasies. Sexual fantasies are why I am here, it’s one of the exciting things I specialize in. From dreaming of being a sweet sissy maid, or a micro tiny man residing in my Giantess Panties, to being coerced into behavior that you have no responsibility for because “I made you do it”, sexual fantasies are ripe with delicious details.

Benefits Of Fantasy Play

Much like what I alluded to in my Vox Erotic profile, there are many benefits to engaging in fantasy play. Today I’m delving deeper into the benefits. Fantasy is a stress relief for our minds and bodies. Anything is possible, and when our brains play like this, transporting you into another place time, or even a different persona leave your stresses behind.

Another reason people enjoy fantasy play is to practice behaviors. For example, many who are bicurious want to ensure they have the skills to please and impress before they make that “next step”. Sometimes the role-play fantasy of being in a therapist’s office practicing telling their friends and loved ones they are gay, helps you try on scripts to find which one best suits you. We can even practice responses to less-than-generous responses.

Sexual Fantasy can also help you when you know there’s no intention of going “real-time.  People who enjoy Feminization, even if only in fantasy, help them to feel and enjoy their feminine energy without risk of reprisal. I’ve given examples of just some of the ways fantasy play can help some with bicurious or feminization desires, but it holds with a plethora of kinks and desires! So my question to you (comment below) what other desires do you think can benefit from fantasy play?

Sexual fantasy 18+What Is Blurring The Lines With Sexual Fantasy Play

One thing that is prevalent with fantasy play, is sometimes it doesn’t seem like fantasy! I never considered blurred lines before, until I started getting comments like: “Oh Wow, that felt so real”, or “I felt I was right there with you!”. After all, most fantasy play does have very real elements of reality. I am “really” talking with you, I’m not some AI bot. I am augmenting the play with my sexy mind, and bringing sexy elements to the table that only I can! There are real orgasms! There is a real connection between us.

Of course, for some fantasy play leads to those behaviors “for real”. As I mentioned above,  I have helped countless people blend their fantasy with reality. Do you have a fantasy of being locked, owned, and controlled? That can and does happen “for real”. Do you enjoy humiliating tasks? In our sexual fantasy play, I may play the part of a capricious humiliatrix, pushing you towards more humiliation.  You are going to the adult bookstore and asking for help purchasing very embarrassing items. But the thing is, is it fantasy if you are doing it? See how these lines are blurred?

What Is Your Sexual Fantasy

I would love to know! Many of you know I offer all styles of erotic engagement. From the traditional phone call, texting and even talking with you over Skype, or helping you make your CFNM fantasy bloom when I view you on camera! But did you know I also can bring your fantasy alive with erotic audio, erotic writing, and email packages? There’s no reason not to share your fantasy with me when I have all of your options COVERED! The only question is, how will we play? Don’t think your fantasy is too “Weird” or perverted, I delight in many fantasies. Sure I do have a couple of boundaries, but I’ll be sure to let you know in a reasonable, mature manner! I know, something woefully missing from the world these days!

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