Welcome to a new week fans a Custom Erotic Audio  is a great way to have a taste of your favorite Mistress between sessions! We have some other erotic options as well. Since  I had some great questions poised to me recently about all the erotic ways you can have fun with me, and the ladies of Enchantrix I’m going to give you a tease of those options!

I know I’ve mentioned some of these things in the past, but the posts are probably buried so here’s a refreshing update on how you can have an Erotic good time with me, and Enchantrix Mistresses.

Erotic Audio

We have an audio store, where you can purchase , off the shelf, erotic audio’s including RING TONES! Check them out over at  Phone Sex Audio’s. You’ll see I have a few offerings but what I want from YOU is input. What kind of erotic audio would you want to see there? JOI instructions, I’ve been thinking of creating some fun ring tones as well. Perhaps something like. 3       2     1 Pick up COCKSUCKer! hahaha! You’ll have to pick up before it gets to COCKSUCKER lest others hear! Oh how about a sissy ring tone. “I’m a sissy and I like to be a pretty fem gurl”.

To help kick off some Erotic Audio Fun, for every call this week 10/6/19- 10/12/19 every call of 20 minutes or more you will receive a FREE CUSTOM RINGTONE from me. All  you have to do is have a paid completed 20 min call, tell me what you would like for your ringtone and I’ll have it in your email box in 48 hours!

Not cool with Email? Hit me up on skype or twitter DM!

In addition to the library of offerings we also offer custom audio’s. Do you have a favorite fantasy you’d like for me to play out for you? Just send me the story /script and you’ll be on your way hearing your fantasy bloom into life with my sexy whispers. I can do it “straight up” with no deviations or I can add my sexy self to the script, giving you my kinky input which has proven to only ramp up that hot factor!  Perhaps you like the way I think, I’ll write the script based on your particulars. It’s all here at Erotic Audios.

Enchantrix Empire and the Enchantrix Sim in Virtual World

So between sessions , and other assorted Mistress duties I’ll stop by Enchantrix Empire for a bit of social fun! It’s our own Kinky Social Network. It’s got a lot of kink going on but that’s not all.  I enjoy getting to know everything about you through your blogs, polls and posts there. Kink is fun, but I know as humans we are all much more than that. it is a great place to combine your kink and your vanilla worlds!

Enchantrix is in virtual world! Yep and not only can you have second life kinky sessions but you can join the many events the Enchantrix’s create and attend. Check out the latest over at: Virtual World Phone Sex. 

Twitter Pet and Other Twitter Fun

For those who follow me on twitter or have perused my blog  you know I play “share to win” weekend. I have the details here: Stroker Rewards . It’s a win win situation if you ask me. You are teased with a possible reward (call with me!) and help get my profile “out there”. I thank each and everyone of my fans/followers for your support!

☛ New Twitter Fun☚

Starting this week I’m going to have a Twitter pet of the week reward! That’s where I pick from my followers someone who’s made me laugh, moan or perhaps someone who begs enough (winks) to be my twitter pet. Your engagement with me will also be a part of my decision. Each Sunday I’ll decide on who is my twitter pet for that week. Monday I’ll change my header picture to the one displayed below but with YOUR twitter profile pic and twitter handle displayed and announcing who’s my pet of the week! No other awards other than having the esteemed privlidge of being my twitter pet. But that’s more than enough, isn’t it 😘

Wanna Be My Twitter Pet?

Twitter pet of the week

So what are you waiting for? Let’s have some fun!

Until We Chat 💋

Mistress Erika