Do you deserve chastity hell? What a powerful question. Before you answer we’ll review a few beta types and why they deserve chastity hell. Do you just see yourself in them? If not, what about you deserves chastity hell? It would be a great discussion for you to have with me. But let’s define what we mean when we say chastity hell.

When we talk about chastity hell we don’t mean fire and brimstone. We are not talking about your typical long-term chastity, although that can be a part of it.  When we talk about chastity hell we are talking about extreme chastity.  Extreme on one or more levels. The time between releases can be extreme, the sexy play, the tease, and the denial are extreme to the point of torment. The chastity cage used could be extreme as well, inflicting great discomfort and even pain, with any twitch of that cock. You are at the mercy of the sexy wickedness of your key holder. Chastity hell is a test of your endurance and submission. It will push your limits to the Nth degree. Well, on second thought you just might feel as if you are in the depths of hell burning with fire amongst the brimstone.

Dud Of A Dick

Let’s face it, through no fault of your own, your genetics resulted in a small pathetic cock. Oh sure, your tiny dick probably works just fine FOR YOU! It’s small and operates like most cocks. But does it? Does your peanut give you as much pleasure as a bigger cock would? Are you missing out on more powerful orgasms? You are imagining the cannon explosion of a more substantial cock. It must feel better, right? Compounding your confusion and lack of self-worth, you watch porn and you’ve never experienced a woman moan like that for your little dick.

For some, your dud status doesn’t always refer to the size of that lackluster cock. Sometimes cocks can’t stay hard, regardless of medical intervention. Sometimes pathetic cocks squirt too quickly. If you have an underperforming cock in any way, that cannot be remedied, then you should lock it up and find a new focus for your sexual life. Having penetrative intercourse is not going to help your self-esteem or relationship.

Either way, there’s hope. You can learn other ways to please a Woman. Often that means her taking control. Since taking control of your little cockette wets her panties more than any penetrative sex you can muster, you’ll take it. After all, pleasing her is paramount so you are allowed to be in her orbit.

Unable to ignore your truth any longer, and you are desperate for a Woman’s attention. The rub is that your little dick doesn’t do it for a Woman. What’s a tiny dicked man to do? What are your options? Your thoughts and fantasies might turn dark, imagining yourself tormented in chastity just to garner the attention of a woman, after all there ARE women who are sadist that like it? Better a small pool to dive into than no pool!


chastity hell chastity hell 1-800-601-6975 18+ with mistress erikaReforming The Toxic Male

Look, fellas, no one can really fault you for being sucked into the superficial “me Tarzan you Jane” cultural conditioning in your formative years. But you are now a grown-ass man, and you know, or have come to learn that your toxic male ways were a learned behavior. What better act of contrition for you to make amends for your past arrogance?

Chastity Hell to humble your ego, and help you open your eyes and mind to the beauty of diversity. The power of the Female. A strong ego requires strong measures. I’m sure there are women all over the world who would agree you deserve chastity hell to help reform you.

Service Submissive

You love to take care of Mistress. Devoting your time to providing for your Mistress. Doting on her, and pampering her fulfills you. Do you get to orgasm? That hasn’t been your decision and you haven’t wanted to have that decision to make for a very long time.

You spend your time however she desires, laundry, cooking, and floors. Providing her pleasure with your lips, fingers or toys is often routine to up the intensity and extreme nature of this pets Chastity hell

Sometimes the service submissive is feminized and her role in the home has a very feminine flair. From 50’s housewife, following the traditional wife role, to the scantily clad house pet sashaying around in a short pink skirt. Orr hell, why not just bra and panties?

Stroking Slut

You horny slut, you are very sexual and your libido is off the charts. Many would call you a chronic masturbator. You know you need control to keep your hands off your cock, but you fail miserably. Perhaps it’s your desire to reign in your masturbation habits, perhaps your hungry mind craves something new, something more that aligns with your slut status.

Because you are such a slut you orgasm easily and now with extreme chastity, you got what you sought. New, More. So now you’ve been trained to orgasm via your slut hole. Bouncing, vibrating, filling, and wiggling that ass on various toys is how you get off now. Anal sex is your sex life now. Your orgasms are so hard, so body-encompassing you’ve admitted out loud you never want to stroke again! And just like that you are a pussy free anal slut!

Devotion Suffering

Similar to the service pet, your life is spent in devotion sweet suffering for your Queen. The constant buzz of arousal is the feeling of life for you. Energized, focused, and successful in your personal life. You feel it’s because of the “chastity hell” (most would characterize your journey as being) you have been successful.  So try as they might and try to convince you, what you are experiencing is a hell space, you disagree. You love it, and so does your Queen. In addition to his business acumen, he is thoughtful, giving, and sensitive to her needs.

Do you receive any releases? Of course,  through regular milking, and a few unlocked times throughout the year. Part of the fun is discussing your sex life, what it would look like what earns you release. Most pets appreciate knowing what to expect, while others bow to their Mistress’s desire

Masochistic Loser

You love pain, both on your dick and in your mind. The humiliation and frustration you experience feel right to you and arouse you. The more turmoil your brain is in from humiliation, the more torment exacted upon your pathetic cock the more it feels right to you. You love swimming in your humiliation juices and living the life of a beta, loser, and slave, it fits you well.

Often the masochistic betas, sleep in a separate room. Are assigned tasks like the service pet. Being made to be naked, except for his cock cage, when at home.  Certainly, the strong handsome neighbor who happens to stop by unexpectantly to flirt with your keyholder is a reminder of your purpose and place. Will this turn into a chastity cuckold relationship? All the signs are there, and why not? She deserves a real man with a real cock. You deserve chastity hell.

What Is Your Chastity Hell

Do you see yourself, or your fantasies in any of the above types of chastity hell submissives? Is your mind wired or desire to be wired to agree that you deserve chastity hell? Many times your chastity journey may include one or more of these elements, just like all things in life evolve and change so does your chastity hell the longer you play. Comment below or give one of our Chastity Hell Mistresses a call today and talk to her about your chastity hell fantasies, desires, or realities.

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