The Dom sub relationship, a yin and yang. Two opposites, which are actually complementary, interconnected.  Key for any relationship really. Being able to appreciate our differences and how they are sometimes interconnected and interdependent.

dom sub relationship


Dom sub relationship 101

Each D/s dynamic  is different and unique. The interplay between two people, learning their particular likes and dislikes.   Some  love and require ritualistic greetings and departures, to help reinforce their bond.  Perhaps other connections are a bit more casual. Only Dom and sub in nature when creating that special play that helps submissive feelings to be explored and expressed.  Perhaps one paring is more BDSM driven and another more sensual  domination, with little of the B or SM involved.  What bonds you with your Mistress is as special as any other relationship and part of the wonderful journey.

Fantasy Dom sub relationship

Many I encounter have always fantasied about a dom sub relationship. I do enjoy hearing what turns you on, what things you’ve tried, or would like to try. There are many ways a person may see themselves as submissive. From kneeling , tending to feet. Spanking, and strap-on play are common ways to help males feel submissive. Being a personal sex toy for Mistress is a particular favorite of mine. Being stripped and laid bare as in a CFNM scene has an irresistible draw for some, while others feel more submissive decorated with lace panties, perhaps negligee or other ultra fem attire.

Dom sub And Other Connections

So as you see, there are so many ways we connect and play with a Dom sub relationship.  I have to say I’ve made some awesome connections with all of you. Each connection with different elements. Some are D/s in its dynamic. Others friends, like minded kinky friends. I’ve had a great year connecting with you, and hope to make new connections in the coming year and having twice as much fun! Come and join me on this kinky journey!

Mistress Erika