Exploring A Smell Fetish is a continuation on my blog last week introducing Offactophilia and my intent was to demystify the fetish. I’ve found in my travels that most folks shy away from a kink or fetish because they don’t know about it. Don’t understand the wide and varied ways any kink or fetish can be played out. How any fetish or kink plays on your sexual response, in the same way as traditional “vanilla” sexual behavior and response. Many kinks are mired in stereotypes , with that knee jerk reaction, of “eww” since “society”  deems it unfavorable behavior. Open your mind, let’s have some fun!

Exploring Scent Fetish

Exploring A Smell Fetish Continues

My previous blog I gave you an introduction to scent play. Scent is able to, not only elicit feel good positive feelings,  but it can influence your behavior.  Freshly showered ,soft scent of soap does it for some, brings on positive feelings of comfort.  Others, a perfume your love wears when they are feeling erotic and horny. Gets you in the mood, too.  You can relate to these scenarios, yes?

Where the fork in the road occurs, for many is when the scent which causes arousal is not a common one.

Musky Earthy Scents

You have to agree: The sent of a woman is intoxicating and arousing and I’m not talking her neck.  When exploring a smell fetish we have to include the scent of a pussy. It is very commonly liked and appreciated among men,   But the majority of men I  have spoken with, and every man I’ve been intimate with express their love of the scent of pussy, and its taste. Does pussy taste like a T bone or cotton candy ? Nope, sure doesn’t ! Well, unless you just shoved some in there!

DON’T- DO NOT do that!. Look, many a kinky girl will shove “whatever” in there but not this one. My Pussy is My Divine Shrine, the epicenter to my glory, my power. My sexuality, my womanhood. I revere it as  a temple to be worshiped and pleased, not something to shove random foods stuffs in! But, to each their own.

But I digress.

Take that lovely tasting and smelling pussy, even though it’s not a bed of roses. Add more musk, more earty tones. You still like it. Maybe not as many, but a lot of you do. I’m going to bet that many won’t admit it in public. Do you like a sweaty pussy? Perhaps a sweaty spandex covered crotch after a long workout is nirvana for you.

The scent will certainly be filled with her pheromones, with the power to arouse and addict you to her scent. Further down that rabbit hole and you get more musky, earthy scents when bathing is halted for a day or two. Add a full bush, or as some say hirsute, then you have a powder keg ready to explode for others.

How many of you guys, have secretly sniffed panties? Same thing! Even one pantie sniffer admitted to “freshening the scent: with a bit of their saliva.

Smelly Feet

Now, here’s where things get a bit more kinky. Smelly feet.  I’ve known guys who love the scent of leather. Add to that a foot fetish and you have yourself someone who loves the scent of feet , in leather. Can you imagine a “smellier” smell? I know many of you are winching right now, and I’m smiling.

I am not put off by your love and arousal over the earthy musky notes of the leather. Then mix the leather with the sharp scent of sweaty feet. Some won’t even fathom this kind of play, and that’s ok. To each their own.  Everyone has boundaries.

How I Feel About Smelly Feet Play

Am I turned on by this kind of scent play? No. I’m not. What I’m turned on by, what I like is YOUR reaction (arousal) by these less than common interests. What a fantastic thing the human brain is, hum?  Not to mention, you have just given me a very powerful tool to wield, haven’t you? Yes, you have. I like tools, I like power. That arouses me.

So here is where it gets interesting. If you are a fan of this blog, or Femdom in general, you are thinking the leather foot fetishist is submissive. Someone who is just as aroused by his submission of being controlled and coerced into these submissive acts. You wouldn’t be wrong but not all the folks who like scent play are submissive. Surprised?  They use scent in their sexual activities just like many use toys, porn or other stimulus.

Scent play isn’t scary or gross, it’s just another way people are turned on. What does it “for them”. If you like scent play, I’d like to hear from you. If you’ve not thought of  scent play before, what do you think of this blog, and the other? What scents turn you on? I want to know.

Until We Chat ????
Mistress Erika