Are you into edging? How about extreme edging? Let’s combine edging with guided masturbation and you have a hot and explosive combination!  Edging and guided masturbation have to be among the top of my favorites list of calls. I love instructing how you can pay with My cock! That’s right, stroking slut! Hand over that power, hand over the control.  We’ll have a mind blowing time!

Edging Pet

Now, for those novices (and you are still out there!) edging is bringing yourself to the edge of orgasm. Just up to the point of no return and stopping. I know you happy stroke sluts treat your meat like a toy. Pulling it, stroking it just because it feels good. You get a good chubby going, long and thick heavy, swinging like a pendulum you love that feeling. But not a full arousal. That’s just playing with yourself, slut.  Bring yourself to the brink and stop. Can you stop? Do you stop? Some can’t at first, or should I say won’t! ;).

Extreme Edging Pet

To qualify for the title of extreme edging pet, well you’ll have to meet certain criteria. One, you are willing to go a period of time, usuall

y of relatively short duration without orgasm. Two, our calls involve edging, guided masturbation and your great attitude! That’s right. Your participation makes it so much hotter! Nothing I love more than an enthusiastic partner! Grunt, growl, moan and hiss out a “FUCK”, whatever you are compelled to do, but communicate to me verbally what you are feeling! That energy washes though me, spurring me on to tease you to a higher plane, have you do a quick cool down, changing the stroke and taking  you higher teaching you to stay on that edge longer and longer!


Extreme Edging

Extreme Edging

Edging taste

After our first call I’ve given you a list of assignments. Some assignments stimulate your brain only, others involve various forms of masturbation and edging. What those exact things are depends on our connection! Oh and you availability to do carry them out.  Know the more freedom you have, the more fun we  have! But I stay within your boundaries, regardless.

When you are done with the sexy assignments, which could span over a day , or week. But are designed to fill your mind your body with those lovely sexy hormones , keeping you hot horny and oh so willing to do ANYTHING for me. We have our second call. On that call bringing you to the edge over and over until you and your mind are totally focused on Me, My words, My cock. Soon you can barely say Mistress as your vocalizations designate to groans, and half words. Floating on a cloud……… and  you hear….

Mmmmmm I am so turned on right now thinking of edging My cock what do you think you’d hear? Humm ? Call me, let’s pay!