Fantasy Exposed, today you are getting a treat! Instead of taking your erotic exposure calls, I’m going to expose some naughty thoughts I’ve had.  This blog  was inspired by  a very sexy comment I received other day, “I’d like to be in your head during your alone time. Mistress Erika”.  😉 Oh would you now? So pull up a chair, and perhaps even some tissues and lets have some fun!

Pantie Fantasy Exposed

Quite by accident I discover you wearing panties! They are not my panties, as you are too big for mine! My mind swims with

Fantasy Exposed

1-800-601-6975 Fantasy Exposed

thoughts racing, ten thousand miles per hour. How long have you been doing this? Why haven’t you shared this with me before? I’m to find out like this? Annoyed , angered at first  combined with you begging me not to expose your naughty past time, I decide  to make you pay for you deception, and maybe make me feel a bit better as well! Perhaps I’ll feel that much better continuing on with conditioning your mind, you’ll become addicted to my pantie control!


Panties Cami’s Stockings

The following night you come home from work. Laid out on the bed are a pair lace up floral thigh highs, matching black lace bikini panties with red bows on the hips, and to finish the set, black lace balconette bra. Your masculine frame was both titillating and humiliating. The note said to clean up, dress and prepare drinks. Trembling and being distracted by your constant arousal you managed to do as asked.

Feminization Fantasy Exposed

As  you were finishing the drinks, you hear me come in through the garage. Setting down my things, walking up to you with a coy smile, I see you got my message? *wink* Taking a sip from my appletini, I let out a satisfied moan this is delicious, and evidently so are you in those naughty girl things! Reaching over pinching your bum gently but firmly.  So, you want to be my fem-boi sex toy? Look how feminized you’ve become! *laughing* You deeply blush and say, what ever you desire Mistress.  Oh for fucks sake, don’t give me that, sweet cheeks! I can tell by the bulge in those panties it’s what you want too! Go on say it. I love being your fem-boi!

You’ll have to leave the sex toy part out for now, we’ll just have to see about that, won’t we?

Finalized Fantasy

Mmmm I bet you so want to know what the rest of the fantasy unfolds?  Since from here out it’s more XXX rated vs R I guess there’s only one way to finish, with me….. whisper it in my ear.