This post is a fun update about a feminization and chastity journey of an Enchantrix’s fan, Petey Cream Puff.  Petey , as I soon learned after joining LDW last december is a big fan of the Enchantrix Mistresses. I imagine he’s talked with a great deal of the Mistresses and I know those who have had a session with petey aren’t soon to forget him!

Cream Puff Girl

So this cream puff girl starts out by confessing his passion for all things fem, some of his journey exploring his fem side.

feminized chastity

How does coerced feminization lead to chastity

Surrounding himself with women who enjoy feminizing men and him in particular!  If you haven’t guessed he likes coerced feminization, having us tugging at his arms, and guiding him into dressing rooms, stripping him of his boy clothes, and helping him slip on soft satin panties, bra, dress. Slipping a wig into the dressing room we squeal seeing the transformation of petey, from petey to our very own cream puff girl! A bit more coercion and we have him at the makeup counter getting THE WORKS! So feminine, looking and smelling. Even petey’s movements are becoming more graceful! Laughing we plant lipsticked kisses all over his face

Feminized Chastity

So on we went feminizing petey into the Female led cream puff he always dreamed to be. Then one day well over a month ago petey confessed to me on a call that on calls he get so excited and gets off within just a few minutes! He said he continues on with the call because it’s not fair to the Mistress. Had a very long talk with him about where he would like instead of having orgasm right away. He agreed that he’d want to last as long as we wanted/needed him to. So I suggested chastity to him. Well petey being petey ran with the concept!  When I spoke with him a few weeks later with Ms. Delia he had already gone without orgasm for a month! Delia and I were so impressed we encouraged him a few more days until Halloween!

At last report petey lasted the entire time! What a journey for Enchantrix’s cream puff girl!I realize I’ve been remiss. Since Petey has worked to dilgently I think it’s only fitting I never refer to petey as a he, but as a she as she truly is our cream puff GIRL!

Feminized dreams? Chastity dreams? Call me, I’d love to hear yours!