Welcome to Five reasons why men eat cum! This month Coached Cum Eating is our Empire focus so why not review some reasons why men eat cum! Spring is springing up as well as those cocks,so let’s slurp up this erotic activity!

Health Benefits Of Men Eating Cum

That’s right, some evidence shows some properties in seamen might have some heath benefits to swallowing semen. According to the article I just linked to at healthline.com it mentions possible stress relieving properties of semen.  “This claim is due to the mood-boosting properties of oxytocin and progesterone hormones, the both of which are found in semen”

So eating your own cum , comes with two stress relieving activities! We know orgasm helps relieve stress but when you eat that cum, you get a one two punch against stress!

So You Want To Be A Superior Submissive

If you are a superior Submissive, or strive to be then it’s your goal to submit to Mistress Desires. I understand some of what I ask of you may not have crossed your mind, without our erotic interactions.  A man eating his own cum is at the top of many “I never thought of that” list. But that’s not really the point is it? You submit because you truly want to please Mistress. You are devoted to her pleasure. So if eating a load or 500 loads pleases her, then you will do it. It’s a beautiful thing!

I get you identify as a straight submissive and I know that the idea men eating their own cum lends to that misguided assumption,   but remember you are not gay if you eat your cum!


You love the thrill of humiliation, and being coerced into doing very naughty things. Well, eating your own cum, can very well fill that need! Many find it very humiliating to be told to consume that cum!

Is putting that creamy load in that mouth not enough humiliation? Never fear , Mistress is clever and inventive! Cum games is also a popular activity to create a humbled, cum slut! Can you say covered in cum? I have one delightful cum slut saving loads for our play! Last count there are 205 frozen loads just WAITING for the perfect timing for him to be my cum-dump  bukkake whore!

Exploring Your Taboo Desires

Sometimes, you are on who has had cum eating on their mind, and you come to me with that desire! A man eating his own cum is certainly a taboo in our culture but that’s what makes you want it to do it!  I know, because I’m similar. If it’s not main stream, or considered “taboo” or naughty chances are I’m interested! I do have some boundaries, but cum eating is firmly on the “Yes, please” List!

Perhaps you want to try cum because you are bi-curious, or cock curious? A wanna be cocksucker certainly must learn to lick that load!

But each time you orgasm *POOF* that desire dissipates along with your rapidly softening cock. Don’t worry you are not alone. I understand the biological process at play during arousal and orgasm and I have several tried and true ways to get that first load between those lips!

Staying Safe In Fantasy

Many people have sexual fantasies which are highly arousing! But just because you enjoy a certain fantasy doesn’t mean you HAVE TO make it real! I am the intelligent phone fantasy Mistress, and I know fantasy is as good for your mind, as water is to your body. Our big brains need to stretch and explore even if our bodies cannot. So if you have bi curious desires, self sucking fantasies, or even worshiping my girl cock, adding that creamy load can up the ante on that fantasy play!

Your Coached Cum Eating Journey

So where are you in your cum eating journey? If you are an erotic kinky play pet and have never tried this yummy task, talk with your Mistress about it today! If you are determined to eat that load, but have not been successful in the past, having a few coached cum eating sessions is exactly what Mistress Erika orders! Remember, it’s not a matter of if, only when.

Until you slurp that load ????

Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika