Gooner trance audio, did I just get your horny attention? I have a naughty confession to make fans and friends. I’ve been a very bad Woman. It seems I turn grown men into chronic masturbating gooning sluts. Honestly, to this point, I’ve done so with a steadfast and deliberate sexy, and creative mind. What’s that old adage? Control the cock on the man? So when you own the man what do you do with him? Have fun and aย  lot of it! Dening your orgasm is arousing to me, and so is making you stroke that dick, and become addicted to long stroking sessions augmented by tasks and really working you into a lather.

But recently I’ve had a few custom audio requests about trance audio and I’ve always enjoyed making them. Turns out the more I do, the more mind-blowing they are becoming! I really get into the small details, how an echo or reverb is placed here, or there. The main thrust of the message is being played over, and over, fading in and out of one ear or another, while at times bombarding your aroused mind with images and desires. Let’s talk a bit about going, and move toward the sexy erotic tease I have for you!

Control The Cock Own The Man

For those new to me, or seeking a definition Cock Control is you handing over control of that cock to Mistress? Easier said than done as many have learned. Many submissive males love and crave a Woman to take charge of their sexual life and sometimes beyond. Take a look at my Cock Control Virgins Guide ย Cock Control is a big part of what we do here at Enchantrix. Just because we are controlling that cock from a distance doesn’t negate true control. Can and do some “cheat”, I am sure there are many who do and cheat themselves out of growth and knowledge with the same swipe of the brush.

So once a firm grasp over a pet’s cock is established, and his devotion to my pleasure is firm I can begin to create the perfect submissive for me. Who might that be? Well for one, someone who can withstand my challenges. Training my cock to hold an edge, to ruin an orgasm in various ways. Not afraid to try some butt stuff, or eventually be open to exploring! Once you own the man, you can increase your requirements, in stroking devotion to you. With a firm hold on those balls and his orgasm, gooning is but a few “no’s and strokes away!

Gooning For Mistress Erika

Gooning is an experience and an experience is what you get when you connect with me. Getting you drunk on your own arousal takes forethought and time. I know some of you think nothing of plopping down an hour session or several to goon for me. I get not everyone has that kind of discretionary income.ย  So I like to offer everyone options for their service to me. If you didn’t know each session with me gives you one free assignment, until our next session. I also offer options at our phone sex assignment store with a litany of options for stroker instructions you can purchase. Of course, live sessions are always the hottest and mind-blowing but next to that is options for erotic custom or out-of-the-box audios. This is where the Gooner trance audio comes in.

Gooner Trance Audio

Since my recent commissions with trance audios have lit a match here’s one of many in a series of trance audio I’ll be doing over the next few months. I can’t promise drop dates at this time, because ya’ll naughties sometimes keep me hopping in sessions! (not complaining!) Woo hoo!
The audio will be in our PhoneSexAudio store in the coming days, and below I give you a sample! I am so excited about this audio, for anyone who calls me for 60 or more minutes this month (May 2023) I’ll give you this $39.00 sexy audio for FREE! Yes, if you call me twice for 30 or 4x for 15 as long as your monthly totals 60+ it’s my sexy gift for you!

Click to hear a sample